Welcome to the IPU-Enabled Data Revolution Era

According to Yuval Noah Harari, one of the most famous historians living today, mankind has faced 4 major revolutions: The Cognitive Revolution occurred in 70,000 BCE and defined the birth of language and the ability to communicate, which brought homo sapiens to the front stage by overcoming the Neanderthals. The Agricultural Revolution occurred in 10,000 […]

Data Distancing – Mellanox Announces 100G ER QSFP28 Transceiver for 40 km

One thing you “would have seen at OFC2020” from the Mellanox LinkX cables and transceivers team is our new 40km 100G ER/4WDM-40 transceiver announcement for “Extended Reaches!” The Mellanox LinkX cables and transceivers team continues to add to our full 25G/100G DAC, AOC and transceiver portfolio for 25G-based networks and now supports links from 1/2 […]

How Did SDN Change from Incumbent-Free to Incumbent-Lock-In?

About 10 years ago, a few smart folks invented “Software Defined Networking” or SDN for short.  SDN promised to “separate the data plane from the control plane”, but another objective was to break free from vendor lock-in. They wanted SDN to enable a network where one can design the network, manage it and monitor it […]

OVS over ASAP²… OMG! AMD EPYC™ 7002 Series Processors and Mellanox SmartNICs Deliver Epic 5G Performance

“AMD EPYC™ 7002 Series Processors and Mellanox ConnectX Accelerate 5G Wireless Performance”

Over the last five years, compute and storage technology has achieved substantial performance increases, while at the same time being hampered by PCI Express Gen3 bandwidth limitations (PCIe Gen3). AMD is the first X86  processor company to release support for the PCIe fourth generation bus (PCIe Gen4) with the AMD EPYC™ 7002 Series Processor. This […]

Betting Big in Belfast

Queens University

Today, with the acquisition of Titan IC, we have embarked on a big and ongoing technology investment in Northern Ireland and I wanted to talk about why we’ve made such a big commitment in an area of technology that many aren’t familiar with, but we think will be incredibly important. Titan IC, based in Belfast, […]

Hybrid Cloud Security on Your Terms

This article was created and published in partnership with Sharon Besser, VP, Business Development at Guardicore. The face of the enterprise data center has evolved in recent years. Business-critical applications, data confidentiality and the advent of digital products and services are among the driving forces behind today’s emerging data-center architectures. The disruptive and innovative datacenter […]

The Truth Behind the E-Commerce Deal Silent Killer

We’ve all heard of the big website crashes that cost e-commerce giants millions and even billions in lost sales. Recent outages confirm this: like Macy’s in 2016, the recent Target website crash, and Lowe’s site down on Black Friday. Even e-commerce giant Amazon is not immune from outages, when just one hour of downtime on […]

Accelerating Bare Metal Kubernetes Workloads, the Right Way

Mellanox ConnectX and BlueField SmartNICs Deliver Cloud-Native, Hardware-Accelerated Networking for Bare-Metal Kubernetes

In my previous Kubernetes blog I discussed the benefits of using BlueField SmartNICs to simplify provisioning of Kubernetes clusters in bare-metal infrastructures. A key takeaway from this blog was the current rapid shift toward bare metal Kubernetes, for delivering high-performance workloads across public, on-prem and edge environments. The topic is still very much trending as […]

Test drive your five-star deep learning infrastructure today!

Introducing Test, a five star deep learning infrastructure program from Trace3, NetApp, Mellanox, Nvidia and Fletential.

When we search for a hotel in an unfamiliar place, we tend to decide based on the rating. A five-star rating would assure us of a certain level of security, comfort, and quality. In the same way, as businesses adopt new technologies such as deep learning infrastructure, a five-star infrastructure would assure a certain level […]

Open Ethernet at Full Speed with Leaf-Spine Architecture Cumulus and SONiC VXLAN EVPN Interoperate Over Mellanox

Should we be worried when deploying an open source network operating system in production? Microsoft is not worried, Facebook is not worried, successful medium & large size companies in Russia, France and China are not worried. They are all deploying SONiC and Linux Switch in production data centers. They are leading a powerful trend in […]