The Benefits of Leaning Into the Big Data

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Guest post by Alex Henthorn-Iwane, QualiSystems

Big data is for real, but its places heavy demands on IT teams, who have to pull together and provision cloud infrastructure, then offer big data application deployments with validated performance to meet pressing business decision timelines.  QualiSystems is partnering with Mellanox to simplify big data deployments over any cloud infrastructure, enabling IT teams to meet line of business needs while reducing operational costs.

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What’s big data being used for? The amount of press around the topic can make it easy to overlook its benefits for businesses. According to IBM, there’s more than 2 quintillion bytes of data generated every day, a rate that has resulted in most (90 percent) of the digital information in the world being created within just the last two years as video, pictures and social media have come to the fore.

Enormous data volumes require fresh methodologies and technical solutions. Naturally, organizations have been keen to modernize their infrastructure, seeing big data as a material pressure on operations rather than an intangible concept. In 2013, Gartner found that 64 percent of companies were planning to invest in big data technologies, or had already done so.

“The hype around big data continues to drive increased investment and attention, but there is real substance behind the hype,” stated Lisa Kart, research director at Gartner. “Our survey underlines the fact that organizations across industries and geographies see ‘opportunity’ and real business value rather than the ‘smoke and mirrors’ with which hypes usually come.”

QualiSystems & Mellanox simplify big data deployments
Mellanox and QualiSystems have partnered to offer a solution based on Quali’s CloudShell orchestration and automation platform in conjunction with Mellanox CloudX cloud architecture that enables IT to handle these big data use cases with greater efficiency and simplicity.

Mellanox CloudX is designed for performance and economy. Based on the Mellanox OpenCloud architecture, CloudX can be configured with standard storage, server and software components, plus it can set up on top of an OpenStack environment. The end result is better real-time analysis of data, supported by fast, robust infrastructure with end-to-end networking.


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QualiSystems CloudShell offers automated provisioning of the cloud infrastructure stack, plus easy to use self-service orchestration of big data application deployments over that provisioned infrastructure. CloudShell can also embed “easy button” performance and SLA test benchmarks for IT managers to validate deployments before offering Hadoop or other applications to end-users.


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CloudShell’s self-service portal automates infrastructure provisioning, big data deployment and performance/SLA validation

The combination of CloudShell and CloudX makes it possible to ease and speed big data deployments, allowing a more efficient path to gaining the business benefits of big data, while lowering operational costs.

To learn more, come talk to Quali and Mellanox subject matter experts at Mellanox’s booth # 2023 during VMWorld 2014 at Moscone Center, San Francisco.  Follow QualiSystems on Twitter and visit the website:


Guest Author:  Alex Henthorn-Iwane, VP Marketing, QualiSystems (@heniwa)  Alex Henthorn-Iwane joined QualiSystems in 2013 and is responsible for worldwide marketing of Quali’s orchestration and automation software solutions.  Prior to Quali, Alex held executive and senior management roles at network infrastructure and management firms including Packet Design, CoSine Communications, and Lucent Technologies.


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