CROC’s Public Cloud Goes at InfiniBand Speed


CROC is the number one IT infrastructure creation company in Russia, and one of Russia’s top 200 private companies.   CROC has become the first public cloud service provider in Russia to adopt InfiniBand—a standard for high-speed data transfer between servers and storage. Migration to a new network infrastructure took approximately one month and resulted in up to a ten-fold increase in cloud service performance.

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CROC’s Virtual Data Center is based on its ‘Volochaevskaya 1‘ and ‘Kompressor’ Data Centers which, up until recently, have had two different network infrastructures: 10 Gbps Ethernet and 56 Gbps FDR InfiniBand by Mellanox, respectively. Having identical InfiniBand-based infrastructures at both sites now significantly simplifies equipment maintenance and allows customers to enjoy disaster-tolerant solutions and benefit from the uncompromised performance of both the main and backup data centers.


CROC Ruslan Zaedinov

Ruslan Zaedinov

This project has allowed for a five-times increase in network throughput and a two-fold reduction in the response time of data storage systems or so called ‘network latency,’ thus providing much better service performance to approximately 70 customers who rent 500 virtual machines at the ‘Volochaevskaya 1’ Data Center.


Furthermore, the migration was performed online without interrupting cloud operation—a situation which is comparable to repairing an engine while driving,” said Ruslan Zaedinov, Deputy Director General and Head of Data Centers and Cloud Computing, CROC.


Mellanox’s InfiniBand solutions improve network reliability and throughput, and reduce application response time. Mellanox network switches and adapters used for this project allow for the uniting of Ethernet and InfiniBand into a unified network environment. Therefore, the transition from one technology to another was quite transparent and did not require stopping the operation of cloud services provided to CROC’s customers.



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