Global Corporate Challenge: Getting Started with Fitness

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Several weeks ago, I received an email encouraging Mellanox employees in the United States to join the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC).  I almost filed the email in the “Other stuff from people” folder, by way of sheer coincidence, has a little trash can icon next to it.


But, then I paused.


I really should move more.  I can admit it.  I just don’t move as much as I should.  A few (okay, more than a few) years of working in the marketing field has caused me to adopt a sedentary lifestyle that can’t be good for my health.  Even two-times-motherhood hasn’t pushed me off the desk chair.


I’ve seen those ads for companies with wearable tech devices to encourage fitness from the likes of FitBit, Garmin and Jawbone.  These ads have been tempting, but nothing pushed me to take the next step.  But the opportunity to share in bragging rights for my team (the Marcom Maniacs) was just the push I needed, so let’s give it a whirl!


The Challenge

More than 100 Mellanox employees–representing +40% of our United States workforce–will embark on the GCC 100 day virtual journey to fitness tomorrow, May 27, 2015. These employees will join more than 300,000 people around the globe participating in the challenge. This program encourages employee wellness, offer healthy competition and encourage team building for groups.  Small employee teams include no more than seven people.  Each team is has a name, photo and logo.


Each participant will access a personalized dashboard.  The dashboard supports biometrics and nutritional data for a more robust picture of your health.  The program syncs with other wearable fitness devices so that participants can confirm steps for each week.


GCC Personalized Dashboard

GCC Personalized Dashboard


The GCC dashboard tracks progress throughout the journey, as well as connect users to their team and the global community.  There is also a handy mobile app that allows you to check in and record your progress.


The Virtual Journey

Shibuya Pedestrian Crossing - Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya Pedestrian Crossing – Tokyo, Japan


We will start at Shibuya Pedestrian Crossing in Tokyo, Japan.  Every step allows participants to virtually move across the map.  The 2015 journey kicks off in Tokyo and will move on to Yokohama and Mount Fuji.  Each step in the journey delivers new facts and culture references for each location on the map.  Participants will also see updates to show their contribution to their team’s progress in the virtual journey as well as the percentage gained towards the next location and the overall distance traveled.


I’m excited about making a major lifestyle change and hopefully developing a lifelong habit.  I’ll be checking in on the journey with another post to let you know our progress in the coming weeks.  Join Mellanox Technologies along with thousands of others from 185 countries as we get in shape and take in the sights around the globe!  I’ll also be checking-in via Twitter, so follow me @CeceliaTaylor for updates!



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