OpenCloud Speeds Ahead with Mellanox at OpenStack Summit

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Mellanox is at Vancouver this week and the frequency of #OpenStack tweets have quadrupled. If you are wondering how they are related, it’s because every 6 months, the industry showcases the next coolest thing in cloud at the OpenStack Summit.


For those who are unaware, OpenStack is an open source cloud operating system, which initially began as a joint project between Rackspace and NASA and was quickly embraced by the entire industry, from hot startups to big enterprises. Year after year, this honey pot has attracted more bees than ever imagined.


This year marks a big landmark for the OpenStack community partly because several organizations propelled OpenStack from a ‘test bed’ to a ‘production ready’ cloud [Read Walmart and Fujitsu story].


For Mellanox, a company that values and embraces open source technologies, OpenStack has been important right from the beginning. And this year is no different, as Mellanox brings some exciting and cool stuff to the OpenStack summit in Vancouver.


Last year, we announced the industry’s first 100Gb solution with the announcement of the ConnectX-4 adapter and Switch-IB, followed by first 100GbE adapter in OCP form factor. This was a huge landmark that Mellanox achieved with Facebook and Intel [Read Facebook’s Yosemite platform].


Figure 1: Enter the world of 100GbE Cloud

Figure 1: Enter the world of 100GbE Cloud


At Mellanox, we take pride in spearheading technological breakthroughs and this year, we proudly announce our demo of the industry’s first 100Gb/s cloud. Yes! You read that right – the first 100Gb/s OpenStack cloud. Coupled with Mellanox’ Efficient Virtual Network (EVN), the 100Gb/s cloud provides the ability to scale OpenStack cloud to Google’s and Amazon’s of OpenCloud world.


Increasingly powerful CPUs and fast storage have uncovered the need for high-performance efficient networking in cloud to order to get unparalleled efficiency. Whether it’s the traditional applications migrated from data centers, next generation real time analytics and machine learning, hybrid HPC/Cloud, Telco Network Function Virtualization, supporting mobile applications or accelerating storage like CEPH, ConnectX-4 unlocks the true potential of the next generation OpenCloud.


In addition to the 100Gb/s Cloud demo, we will also be demonstrating an agile platform to orchestrate and provision Mellanox switches. One of the key goals of SDN is to implement flexible networks that can be dynamically provisioned. While the main pillars of SDN are centralized control, network programmability and network virtualization, network orchestration is just as important.


Figure 2: Agile Cloud Network Orchestration

Figure 2: Agile Cloud Network Orchestration


With Mellanox Unified Fabric Manager (UFM), the network provisioning can be automated along with other components like compute, storage and applications. The key takeaway is that this agile and intelligent platform allows services to be provisioned quickly and at scale. UFM provides RESTful APIs allowing the integration with not just OpenStack Neutron (through ML2 plugins) and SDN controllers, but also to customer data center tools, including OEM tools UFM is an ongoing effort that allows better programmability and agility of network switches.


Finally, Mellanox, in partnership with Supermicro,announced today, to build a hyper-converged OpenStack cloud-in-a-rack solution. This solution, based on Mellanox CloudXTM reference architecture, combines Supermicro servers and storage, OpenStack cloud management software from Mirantis, and  scale-out software defined storage solutions like CEPH and EMC ScaleIO.


Figure 3:Supermicro-CloudX Hyper-Converged solution

Figure 3:Supermicro-CloudX Hyper-Converged solution


CloudX for OpenStack improves the traditional OpenStack deployment with the offloads, acceleration and virtualization features of EVN with Supermicro’s high-density and cost-effective server and storage products in a converged or hyper-converged rack-level cloud solution. This pre-validated infrastructure is simple to deploy and easy to scale, making it ideal for applications like Big Data, database, web services, Telco Network Function Virtualization (NFV), High Performance Computing (HPC), and enterprise Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) type of applications. (Check out the joint solution brief for more details)


By the way, don’t miss Chloe Ma’s, Sr. Director of Cloud Marketing, presentation on “Ahead of the NFV Curve through truly scale-out Network Function Cloudification” featuring honored guest, Colin Tregenza Dancer, Director of Architecture from Metaswitch Networks, one of the first AT&T Domain 2.0 vendors.

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