Big Telecom Event 2015

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Big Telecom Event 2015


I was talking to a friend of mine over the weekend and he was really excited about his visit to Facebook and trial of the Oculus Rift, the virtual reality headset designed for 3D gaming with an immersive experience. This has reminded me yet again that we are really living in an era filled with disruptive technologies.


Stable industries that have long been dominated by entrenched leaders are being disrupted by businesses that can innovate, experiment and deploy a faster, often times with software as a core competency. Companies like Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, Square, etc. are boasting private and public market valuations that make the executives of their industry’s historical leaders jealous.


The same is happening in the communications industry, technologies such as Big Data, virtualization, cloud are fueling seismic disruptions across the eco-system. Services providers who can successfully complete this transformation will emerge as leaders in the “new world order”.


This transformation is not simply about speed and feeds, or even operation and capital cost reduction, it is about doing things significantly differently, innovating much faster, putting out the right services to increase the top line, and achieving these in an automated fashion.


This is really not rocket science and service providers can learn a lot from the above-mentioned companies who obtained their disruptive characters through cloud-native application architecture. I have discussed some aspects of what being cloud-native means and how to get there in my recent presentation at OpenStack Summit, Vancouver.



In the upcoming Big Telecom Event organized by Light Reading, I am very excited to join LightReading CEO, Steve Saunder’s (@SSatLR) panel to discuss “BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION: New Virtual Networks Demand New Business Strategies.” This panel will share the experiences of Mellanox Technologies in building the right infrastructure to support not just virtualized network functions (VNF), but cloud-native VNFs that are key to service providers’ business agility and shorter time to market. Along with me on this panel are an impressive group of telecom technology leaders including:

  • Hassan Ahmed, CEO of Affirmed Networks
  • Prodip Sen (@hpnfvcto), NFV CTO at HP
  • Nicolas Fischbach, Director of Strategy, Architecture & Innovation at Colt
  • Valery Eysman, Head of Strategy & Sales Engineering at Amdocs

If you plan to head to Chicago for  BTE (#BTE2015), I look forward to seeing you at this must-see session!



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