Mellanox Named Leading Lights Outstanding Component Vendor Finalist

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When I heard that Mellanox was named an Outstanding Components Vendor finalist for Lightreading’s Leading Lights Award, I was thrilled and proud, but not surprised because I was confident that Mellanox deserved to be in the spotlight. Mellanox is uniquely positioned to help Communication Service Providers build their next generation infrastructure with our vision in cloud networking and novel approach to high-performance high-quality interconnect. It is our mission to drive new technologies to market, revolutionizing the data center.

Mellanox has been a dominant player in the High-Performance Computing sector, managing large distributed computation-intensive workloads that require high-speed communication between processor cores and between processor cores and data. As a result, the Mellanox architecture and R&D team have rich experience in designing semiconductor chipsets that challenge the communication speed limits, while providing low latency and low power consumption, yet predictable and reliable application performance.

Building on top of our success in HPC, Mellanox expanded our footprint into the hyper-scale web and cloud service provider space, penetrated the majority of the top web services giants on a global basis. The infrastructure for this sector normally follows scale-out, software defined architectural pattern, and a high-performance data center network fabric is key to support communication and data access needs. More importantly, these new generation of companies carrying out the mission of digital transformation expect their infrastructure to support agile innovation, instead of being a roadblock. As such, they want to build their infrastructure much in the same style as building with Lego blocks. At Mellanox, we call this style of network infrastructure building “Open Composable Networks (OCN)”. OCN can truly unleash agile innovation, accelerate diverse workloads, and drive cloud-scale efficiency. It leverages hyper-scale web and cloud network architecture designs and is based on network disaggregation, open and unified abstraction interfaces, and automated orchestration and management.
Just like Lego building needs a set of high-quality basic components, the foundation of OCN relies on Mellanox end-to-end interconnect components that guarantees high performance:
Mellanox ConnectX-4 series of NICs:
– Best DPDK performance of 75 million pps for 100G interface and 33 million pps for 25G interface
– Advanced Switching And Packet Processing (ASAP2) support: SDN control plane with accelerated data plane through NIC ASIC;
Multi-host NIC supporting higher density CPU per server, and open, flexible combination of CPUs;
– Option of advanced acceleration and intelligent offload through on-board FPGA, multi-core processors and network processors.

Mellanox Spectrum Switch IC and Top-of-Rack Switch System:
Open Ethernet support of Cumulus, Microsoft SONiC, MetaSwitch, OpenSwitch and MLNX-OS
Zero Packet Loss, at any packet size, over any speed (10/25/40/50/100Gb/s) up to 6.4Tb/s switching capacity
– Efficient switch memory management resulting in 9X-15X more effective buffering and congestion resilience
– Fair bandwidth allocation independent of physical port
– Industry-leading, true cut-through latency
– Forwarding database sized for hyper-scale infrastructure build-out
– Optimized for SDN with OpenFlow and overlay tunneling support including: VXLAN, NVGRE, Geneve and MPLS

Mellanox LinkX Cables:
– Copper cables, active optical cables, and optical transceivers to support distances from < 2 m to 2 km
– Silicon Photonics-based single mode and VCSEL-based multi-mode optical modules and cables for 25, 50, and 100Gb/s networks
– Full range of 100Gb/s products in the same QSFP28 footprint

OCN is perfect for NFV use cases of virtualized EPC, IMS/SBC, vCPE, and vCDN for communications service providers to realize virtualization and build multi-cloud infrastructure without performance penalty.

If you are heading to in BCE Austin, be sure to join Mellanox in our two panel discussions:
• BCE Day 1 May 24th 4:15-5:05 p.m. : Components: Data Center Interconnects: Delivering 25G TO 400G
• BCE Day 2 May 25th 2:15-3:05 p.m.: Data Centers and Cloud Services: The New Telco Data Center
My fingers are crossed, I am hoping that Mellanox will walk down the red carpet in Austin as a winner of Outstanding Components Vendor of Leading Lights.

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