Round Um Up! OpenStack Austin 2016 Had Something For Everybody

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If you’re as lucky as us, you had the opportunity to attend OpenStack Summit 2016 in Austin, Texas this week. The event, which saw 7,500 attendees, is now at the crux of converging HPC, Scientific Computing, and the Cloud. We actually saw a number of market segments that OpenStack experienced the most significant traction on including: Academic/Research for scientific computing Telco/NFV, Cloud Service Providers and large enterprise for Pairs cloud and traditional enterprise. Mellanox is a leader in each of these areas and brings advanced technologies and expertise to help you get the most out of your OpenStack deployments. With our heritage in high performance networking, as well as InfiniBand and Ethernet solutions, Mellanox remains at the center of this convergence. This was evident in the crowd standing ten deep at times in front of the Mellanox booth. We were constantly swamped with the curious, solution seekers, technology lovers and old friends.


To further cement our position in the space and celebrate all things OpenStack, we took several giant leaps forward this week, including two major OpenStack announcements and several sessions at the Summit.

Partnering with the University of Cambridge
Due to unprecedented volumes of data and the need to provide quick and secure access to computing and storage resources, there is a transformation taking place in the way Research Computing Services are being delivered. This is why UoC selected our End-to-End Ethernet interconnect solution, including Spectrum SN2700 Ethernet switches, ConnectX-4 Lx NICs and LinkX cables, for its OpenStack-based scientific research cloud. This has expanded our existing footprint of InfiniBand solution and empowers the UoC to develop an architecture that will lay a foundation for Research Computing.

Powering Europe’s First Multi-Regional OpenStack-Based Public Cloud
One of our customers, Enter, has been building out their OpenStack cloud and adopting open software. In fact, Enter Cloud Suite is Europe’s first multi-regional OpenStack-based cloud, and we’re thrilled to announce that Enter selected our Open Composable Networks as the Ethernet network fabric for its Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud offering.

Bringing OpenStack Hot Topics to Life
We found that OpenStack storage was a trending topic at the show and are proud to provide great options for this in the form of Ceph, Cinder, and Nexenta. No matter which option you choose, Mellanox interconnects deliver the best OpenStack storage integration, performance, and efficiency.

Another area we saw traction in was for Ethernet Switch solutions. The industry is currently experiencing a strong demand for integration of the converge/hyperconverge system with the network (NICs & switches). NEO is perfectly positioned for this challenge, making the network transparent using an enhanced REST API interface and plugins to OpenStack and other management platforms.

OpenStack-based cloud, like other Clouds, needs a fair switch and Mellanox Spectrum is well positioned for the task with customers realizing the enduring value of Spectrum.

Finally, Mellanox gave three highly successful talks at the show. If you missed any of them, you can view them here:
Mellanox Open Composable Networks
OpenStack Lightning Talk
Chasing the Rainbow: NCI’s Pursuit of High Performance OpenStack Cloud

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