Euro 2016 Is the Year of (SN) 2000

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SN2700, SN2410 and SN2100 are the high speed Ethernet switches that Europe loves to embrace today, in 2016.

It is spreading all over Europe, it is happening within the cloud services and host providers, health care industry, universities and others.

What is exactly the buzz? Mellanox sets the standard level of switch products back to the right place and opens up choice again in the networking domain.

More and more European data centers realize that the basic two requirements that they expect from a network product like a switch are not so common anymore:

No packet loss: All data should be kept intact for any packet size and with predictable latency.

Fairness: Network capacity has to be shared equally between all ports and streams as a baseline, from this baseline one can utilize the product features to create service levels per customer.

So what is happening? The SN2000 series of Ethernet switches, based on Mellanox’s Spectrum switch silicon, doesn’t lose packets at any size, and with Spectrum Customers can be sure that when network is congested and the shared buffers kick in, each and every port will get equal share of the available bandwidth.

The Mellanox switch is fair and doesn’t lose packets and this is not a trivial matter in most of today’s merchant switch Silicon (see the Tolly report

And what about the choice?

Fig 1 SN2100 Fig 2 SN2100








Europe has always been more open and advanced when it comes to embracing the logical next steps. For example, does anyone between the U.K. and Eastern Europe accept the single vendor blob model today? No, everyone chooses server hardware from a preferred hardware vendor, and separately chooses which Operating System to use. Moreover, customers choose which applications to run on top.

Spectrum silicon provides the Open API that allows us to develop our protocol stack and applications and ensures that the same software can run on different hardware platforms.

Many choose to run Quagga on their switch. Personally, I decided to manage my switch interfaces with the bash script that I have and Ansible modules that already work great on my servers. The same scripts works great also on my switch!

And what is the choice of Mellanox customers?

Euro 2016 Group E: Italy, Belgium, Sweden and N. Ireland, in soccer known as the ‘group of death’, who will qualify? Any team can.

In Group E, Belgium (GaaS) are 100G E2E with SN2700 running with Cumulus and ConnectX-4 as part of a VMware Cloud. And Italy (Cloud Services) is building an advanced OpenStack cluster with the SN2700.

In Group B, England (University) is building an HPC Cluster with RDMA over Converge Ethernet with the SN2000 series products.

In Group C, Germany (Hosting Company) is running Bird! Over Cumulus on the SN2700 and SN2410 as part of a cutting edge, OpenStack based technology.

2016 is the time of choices, choose MLNX-OS, choose Cumulus Linux, manage your switch with the industry standard CLI or run your applications over a native Linux operating system, enjoy the performance boost and enjoy the variety of choices; this is Euro 2016.






About Avi Alkobi

Avi Alkobi is Ethernet Technical Marketing manager for EMEA in Mellanox Technologies. For the past 8 years he has worked at Mellanox in various roles focusing on the Ethernet switch product line, first as a SW developer, then as a team leader of the infrastructure team responsible for the first Ethernet switch management infrastructure. More recently, he has worked as a senior application engineer supporting the field on post sales, pre sales and complex proof of concepts for E2E Ethernet and InfiniBand solutions. Before coming to Mellanox, he worked for five years at Comverse Technology and prior to this, in the Israeli security industry as a software developer. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and M.B.A from the Bar-Ilan University in Israel.

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