Top Ten Mellanox Blogs for Your Cool Summer Reading

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Summer is finally here and with it, many avid readers like to compile a summer reading list for all those blistering summer days by the pool, basking at the beach, or even while waiting for the coals to heat up for that annual family bar-be-que. Instead of tackling the Lord of the Rings again or plowing through War and Peace, we’d like to suggest you set aside the tribulations of Frodo and Middle Earth and eschew the social intricacies of Russian aristocracy, and consider instead, the top ten blogs from Mellanox for your easy, informative summer reading pleasure:


  1. What Happened to the Good Old RFC2544? Amit Katz will walk skeptics and believers alike through the importance of running RFC 2544 before choosing a switch and why the recently released Tolly Report touting Mellanox’s zero packet loss is more relevant than ever.


  1. 4K Video Drives New Demands. As parents search through the DVD library and recycle on-demand videos to amuse kids on summer break, John Kim reports on why 4K video is driving demand. Thanks to digital projection in movie theatres and huge flat-screen TVs at home, more video today is being shot in 4K resolutions and how fortunately, Mellanox interconnect solutions can each handle multiple uncompressed 4K streams per link, or even an 8K stream, supporting both 40GbE and FDR 56Gb InfiniBand.


  1. NVMe Over Fabrics Standard is Released. Rob Davis relates the importance of the release of the NVM Express over Fabrics (NVMf) Standard and why this is the first new, built from the ground up, networked storage technology to be developed in more than 20 years. Let’s hope the kids go back to school before the next standard is released.


  1. 25 Is the New 10, 50 Is the new 40, 100 Is the New Amazing. As summer is all about what’s trending, Chloe Ma and John Kim remind everyone not to get left behind but this time it’s not about fashion, it’s about how Ethernet is moving in the blink of an eye to 25GbE. Scratch that, it’s already here and and this blog tells you why.


  1. Storage Spaces Direct: If Not RDMA, Then What? If Not Mellanox, Then Who? Motti Beck has the inside scoop on architectural changes affecting modern data center storage systems and how traditional Storage Area Networks (SAN), the dominant solution for over a decade, are being replaced.

  1. Mangstor & Mellanox Show NVMe Over Fabrics Solution To Reduce Latency Tax Rob Davis again inspires the imagination with a tale of two, not cities this time, but of Mangstor and Mellanox, and how they teamed up to support NVMe. Even Dickens would be enthralled.


  1. A Good Network Connects Ceph To Faster Performance They say Death Valley is one of the hottest places on earth and while we don’t suggest you take a summer holiday there, John Kim will take you on a sizzling tech journey involving one of the hottest trends in the fastest performing networks, Ceph.


  1. Top 7 Reasons Why Fibre Channel Is Doomed Oh the trials and tribulations of having the kids home bound for the summer. When does school start? Feeling a bit doomed? Despair not, there are revolutions afoot including one impacting data storage interconnects. John Kim summarizes why the Fibre Channel has no future.


  1. Making Ceph Faster: Lessons From Performance Testing Remember the quintessential pop quiz, the bane of school kids everywhere? John Kim enlightens as to how performance testing can make Ceph faster. And, just like summer vacation, no pop quiz at the end.


And the number one summer read from Mellanox?


  1. Ceph Is A Hot Storage Solution – But Why? Back with John Kim again, he keeps his cool in the mist of a blazing hot trend, Ceph, the open source, software-defined storage maintained by Red Hat. John will coolly explain why Ceph is unique and why it’s one of the hottest storage trends around.

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