Hack away! Mellanox Hosts New Hackathon Focusing on Resiliency


Recently, Mellanox hosted the 6th Software Hackathon at Mellanox, Israel. A Hackathon is essentially a software writing competition, in which innovative and talented engineers bring their ideas to life within a short period of time. This time they had 48 hours to develop their prototypes through intensive coding and debugging. In short: hacking + marathon = Hackathon. At the end of the competition, each team presents a working demo of their product. Some of these prototypes are likely to evolve into products, internal tools and patents.

As Mellanox is growing its business and presence at very large scale and in mission critical deployments, it was decided this was the time to focus on Software Resiliency. As the teams pointed out, resiliency is the ability to recover from misfortune. Based on innovative technologies prototyped in the Hackathon projects, Mellanox will improve its software robustness, ability to debug in the field and testability. Moreover, Mellanox software will be able to automatically recover from faulty situations through self-healing algorithms.

Projects in this Hackathon included better diagnostics, self-troubleshooting, fault recovery, fast restart, HA, testability, smart phone applications, networking applications, networking resilience, storage and more.

During the week of this Hackathon, Mellanox hosted a parallel customer roadshow of the November Hackathon winner. This project materialized into part of Mellanox product offering, enabling better manageability of clusters for our customers.

Mellanox congratulates all the participants in the recent Software Hackathon and looks forward to the next Mellanox Hackathon!


About Dror Goldenberg

Dror Goldenberg has served as Mellanox’s Vice President of Software Architecture since October 2013. Previously, he served as Vice President of Architecture from March 2010 to October 2013, where he was responsible for software, firmware and system architecture. Mr. Goldenberg joined Mellanox in 2000 as an architect, serving in numerous architecture and design positions. Prior to Mellanox, Mr. Goldenberg held various software development positions on an elite R&D team in the Israeli Defense Force. Mr. Goldenberg was a member of the Pentium MMX and Pentium 4 architecture validation teams at Intel. He contributed to the PCI and InfiniBand specifications and holds several patents in the field of high speed networking. Mr. Goldenberg graduated Cum Laude with a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and holds an MBA from the Technion Institute of Technology Israel.

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