WooHoo!! We’re Two!! Happy Birthday 25G Ethernet Consortium!

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Why 25G Ethernet is like a back-Flipping Wall-Climbing 2 Year Old!

Happy Birthday! Today marks the 2nd birthday of the 25G Ethernet Consortium . It was July 1, 2014 that Microsoft, Google, Mellanox, Arista, and Broadcom first announced the formation of the consortium in order to define interoperable 25 and 50 Gigabit Ethernet solutions. There is a lot of history behind why 25G Ethernet was defined by this consortium, rather than in the IEEE, that you can read about in this Electronic Design Article.

Fast forward two years and there has been tremendous progress. Today the specification is at version 1.4 which has allowed multiple vendors to develop interoperable solutions. The first 25/50G Consortium Plugfest is being held next month with interoperability demonstrations expected from 20+ companies. Of course we’ll be there with our end to end line of 25, 50, & 100Gb/s Ethernet solutions of adapters, switches, and copper and optical cables and transceivers.

UPDATE: I missed mention in my original post, that on June 30, the IEEE just approved the 802.3by spec for 25G Ethernet too! From the ieee802.org 25G reflector:

“Congratulations to all!  The IEEE-SA Standards Board today approved 802.3by an an IEEE Standard!  We are done!”


25G Ethernet Adapters

Perhaps even more important than the standards is the fact that major server vendors including Dell, HPE, and Lenovo have 25G network adapters solutions based on our 25/50G ConnectX-4 Lx device.


For example HPE offers 25G Adapters as both regular standup PCIe cards and in the compact FlexibleLOM form factors.

25G, 50G  & 100G Ethernet Switches

In addition a broad range of 25, 50, & 100 Gb/s Ethernet switches are now available. This includes the complete line of Mellanox 25/50/100 GE switches, including the half rack width SN2100, the 48+8 SN2410, and the 32 port SN2770. Based on the Spectrum switching silicon these switches offer the best performance and predictability in the industry. You can read the Predictable Performance Blog to learn more abouthow Spectrum based switches deliver the lowest latency, best congestion resilience, predictable performance, fairness, and Zero Packet Loss.

SN2100: 16 Port 100G half rack width. Can be 64 Port @ 25G with breakout cables  SN2100
SN2410 – 48-Port @ 25G + 8-Port @100G  SN2410
SN2700: 32-Port @ 100G  SN2700

25G, 50G  & 100G Ethernet Cables and Transceivers

And lastly we have a complete line of LinkX copper and fiber cables and transceivers. These include both VCSEL based multimode short reach and Silicon Photonics based single mode long reach optical cables and transceivers. We’ve got the best 100G optical modules in the business and are looking forward to the expected ramp in 25, 50, and 100G data centers from hyperscale customers in the second half of 2016.


Analysts have been predicting a rapid ramp for the 25GbE technology and this Network Computing Article explains three of the key drivers behind this explosive growth.  But bottom line for a technology that is only two years old, it is amazing to see how rapidly the entire 25, 50, and 100G Ethernet ecosystem has come together with a robust end to end product line of GA products. The 25G Ethernet market is really taking off! Can’t wait to see what it will look like at 3!

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