EPYC-Curious? A New Datacenter Recipe for a Refreshing and Satisfying Datacenter Featuring Mellanox’s Key Ingredients


Hungry for something new and innovative? At the SIGGRAPH 2017 event, AMD showcased their latest EPYC™ processors and 80 Radeon™ Instinct MI25 accelerators featuring Mellanox’s EDR 100Gb/s InfiniBand Smart Interconnect. This distinctive new blend of ingredients ushers in a new era in tackling today’s most complex workloads. Unveiling the first systems from Inventec, the single rack of Inventec P47 systems can unleash 1 PetaFLOPS of compute power at full 32-bit precision, well suited to address the most challenging deep learning, HPC and enterprise-class applications. This is another advancement in the way we think of datacenter deployments, because this enables more cores, threads, compute units, IO lanes and memory channels in use at one time than in any other system in history.

These latest Inventec P47 systems include Samsung Electronics HBM2 memory which is used across the Vega architecture Radeon Instinct MI25 accelerators. Samsung also provided high-performance NVMe SSD storage and high-speed DDR4 memory. For connecting the Inventec P47 systems, AMD and Mellanox Technologies teamed up to ensure the full potential of this state-of-the-art compute-powerhouse. Because high-performance compute and artificial intelligence rely on increasingly complex computations, it’s causing data bandwidth and high speed storage requirements to spiral upward. The most savvy users in the world already deploy Mellanox end-to-end, knowing there is no other interconnect solution that can even compete at the high-end of High Performance Computing (HPC) environments and Enterprise Data Centers (EDC) they want to maximize their performance-per-TCO-dollar. They will need every last bit of bandwidth delivered to this new class of compute and I/O performance with Mellanox’s InfiniBand high-speed, and ultra-low latency smart HCA’s and switches.

Welcome again, AMD to the race in providing the key ingredients to satisfy the most data-hungry datacenters with capabilities that are ready for the challenges of today and the workloads of tomorrow!




About Scot Schultz

Scot Schultz is a HPC technology specialist with broad knowledge in operating systems, high speed interconnects and processor technologies. Joining the Mellanox team in March 2013 as Director of HPC and Technical Computing, Schultz is a 25-year veteran of the computing industry. Prior to joining Mellanox, he spent the past 17 years at AMD in various engineering and leadership roles, most recently in strategic HPC technology ecosystem enablement. Scot was also instrumental with the growth and development of the Open Fabrics Alliance as co-chair of the board of directors. Scot currently maintains his role as Director of Educational Outreach, founding member of the HPC Advisory Council and of various other industry organizations. Follow him on Twitter: @ScotSchultz

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