Exercise Your Right to Vote in OpenStack: Five Networking Performance Strategies for Hypervisors

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Voting Just Opened for OpenStack Australia

The 2017 Openstack Summit just opened up voting for presentations to be given Nov. 6-8, Sydney, Australia. Mellanox has a long history of supporting OpenStack with technology and product solutions. Mellanox has submitted a number of technical papers and would like to urge readers to vote, vote, vote! The OpenStack Foundation receives more than 1,500 submissions and of these, they only select 25-35 percent for participation, so your votes truly do count.

In this blog, we will cover the topic and content of one of our submissions. There is only one short week to vote so please review the content and vote for your favorites. Voting begins July 25, 2017 and ends August 1, 2017.


Paper topic: Five Networking Performance Strategies for Hypervisors

Presented by Erez Cohen (Mellanox) and Stig Telfer (StackHPC) 

Abstract: In network-intensive virtualized compute, the battle for performance is won or lost in the hypervisor.  How can OpenStack architects make the right choice for a hypervisor networking strategy?

This presentation will explore some of the common ways that hypervisors can be configured for OpenStack networking, how they each perform and the associated overheads.

Through use of representative benchmarks and reconfiguration of the same hardware, we aim to make an objective comparison and provide some detailed analysis of the overheads in each case.

Finally, we cover some more radical options for when your networking demands become extreme.


What Should Attendees Expect to Learn?

Using technical data gathered from live deployments, this talk will present data that should help attendees increase the network performance of their VMs.

The different strategies presented all revolve around OpenStack network configuration within the hypervisor.

The talk will include examples of how to configure OpenStack to deploy different hypervisor networking strategies, and some idea of the consequential costs and benefits of doing so.

Vote here: Five Networking Performance Strategies for Hypervisors

Thanks for voting and see you in Sydney!


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