The Top 7 Data Center Networking Misconceptions


  1. Adding more 40GbE links is less expensive than using 100GbE links
  2. 40GbE price is 2X 10GbE price, similarly 2 x 40GbE are more expensive than a single 100GbE port
  3. Vendor C: “You get the best price in the entire country, more than 80% discount”
  4. Really? I have met many customers proud of getting 80% discount, worth doing an apples to apples comparison including 3 year Opex, licenses, support, transceivers…
  5. “I wish I could move to white box, but I don’t have tons of developers like Google and Facebook have…”
  6. There is no need for developers, try using these solutions and you’ll see, automation is built in the product and is sooooo easy to deploy
  7. L2 is simple, L3 is complicated and expensive
  8. STP? PVRST? Root Guard? BPDU Guard? mLAG? Broadcast storms? So in fact there is a huge amount of complexity to building a reliable and scalable L2 LAN.

Much of this complexity is hidden in an L3 environment because BGP/ECMP is very simple to use and to debug, especially with the right automation. Price is the same when buying a L2/3 switch from the right switch vendors.

  1. “Nobody ever got fired for buying X”
  2. No one ever got promoted for doing that either, once upon a time, some of these brands were really better, not anymore… It may seem like the safe bet, but paying more for less makes your company less competitive, and could jeopardize its very future …
  3. “You can automate servers, storage, billing system, order system, and pretty much everything in the infrastructure except the network”
  4. Today’s networks can be easily and fully automated using standard tools, integrated with compute and storage and being monitored using commercial and open source tools. Check out this short videoto see how simple automation can be
  5. Telemetry is such a special feature that you must buy a special license ($) to enable it.
  6. Why should you pay extra just for the switch to give real-time visibility, but regular counters are free? The same question should be asked about ZTP, VXLAN, EVPN, Tap Aggregation, or BGP. You should ask your vendor, what makes feature X so much more complicated that you get to charge more for that? Why isn’t that a feature that comes standard with a switch that costs over $10K???

About Amit Katz

Amit Katz is Vice President Ethernet Switch business at Mellanox. Amit served as Senior Director of Worldwide Ethernet Switch Sales since 2014, and previously served in Product Management roles at Mellanox since 2011. Prior to that, Mr. Katz held various Product Management positions at Voltaire and at RAD Data Communications. Mr. Katz graduated from the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo with a BA of Computer Science, and MBA from Bar Ilan University.

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