Hate Compromising on Performance and Scale when Running VXLAN?


I guess many of you have been disappointed that you cannot get what you really need when using VXLAN:

  • You can do VXLAN routing but only at 10/40GbE, while you want to run 25/100GbE (without using a loopback cable…)
  • You use VXLAN as you need a scalable network but you are unable to support more than 128 ToRs because some ASICs are limited to not more than 128 remote VTEPs per VNI
  • You like the SFP form factor and would rather use a switch with SFP28 ports, rather than using break out cables
  • You need more bandwidth going up, and after using 2 ports for mLAG, 4 ports are not enough when using 25GbE NICs
  • You want a switch running Full line rate with ZeroPacketLoss
  • You want a switch with fair buffering as all cloud/Data center tenants should get the same service unless defined otherwise, and you want to deliver QoS to customers

With Mellanox Spectrum switches, running Cumulus 3.4, all these issues are solved, no need to choose between features, performance and scale. One ASIC can do it all and you don’t have to worry about all the hidden licenses you see from some vendors, it is all included, transparent and well tested.

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About Amit Katz

Amit Katz is Vice President Ethernet Switch business at Mellanox. Amit served as Senior Director of Worldwide Ethernet Switch Sales since 2014, and previously served in Product Management roles at Mellanox since 2011. Prior to that, Mr. Katz held various Product Management positions at Voltaire and at RAD Data Communications. Mr. Katz graduated from the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo with a BA of Computer Science, and MBA from Bar Ilan University.

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