The Era of Smart Networks


We live in a world of data. Many of the new products and services being developed depend directly on the ability to analyze the growing amount of data we collect, and to do it at a faster pace. Self-driving vehicles, and smart cities are just two examples of how the new world of data is going to impact our lives. In response to these changing demands, datacenters are undergoing a technology transition in which data is analyzed and processed, not just in the server processors, but in the storage and in the data network itself.

The data center interconnect starts to deliver in-network computing, providing the means to analyze data as it is being transferred within the datacenter. Furthermore, the usage of programmable logic within the network devices will further increase, enabling users to migrate more algorithms and intelligence to the network devices. Mellanox’s new Innova-2 is a great example of a High-performance network adapter with an embedded high-density FPGA that delivers flexibility and intelligence where you need it. Innova-2 brings powerful capabilities to the datacenter:

  • Ability to perform in-line data processing
  • Up to 100Gb/s network speeds
  • Flexible host interface – PCIe Gen4 or OpenCAPI
  • And many more…

Innova-2 is the industry leading programmable adapter designed for a wide range of applications, including security, cloud, Big Data, deep learning, NFV and High Performance Computing (HPC).

Innova-2 can be delivered either open for customers’ specific applications or pre-programmed for security applications with encryption acceleration, such as IPsec, TLS/SSL and more. For security applications, Innova-2 delivers 6X higher performance while reducing total cost of ownership by 10X when compared to alternative options. For Cloud infrastructures, Innova-2 enables virtualizations and SDN offloads. Deep learning training and inferencing applications will be able to achieve higher performance and better system utilization by offloading algorithms into Innova-2 FPGA and the ConnectX® acceleration engines.

Innova-2 is based on an efficient combination of the state-of-the-art ConnectX-5 25/50/100Gb/s Ethernet and InfiniBand network adapter with Xilinx® Ultra-scale™ FPGA accelerator. Innova-2 adapters deliver best-of-breed network and storage capabilities as well as hardware offloads to CPU-intensive applications.

The Innova-2 family of products includes dual port Ethernet and InfiniBand network adapters with speeds ranging from 10Gb/s, 25G, 40G, 50G and up to 100Gb/s and supporting advanced host interfaces such as PCIe Gen4 and OpenCAPI (Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface). Innova-2 allows different usage models, with the possibility for transparent accelerations using Bump-in-the-Wire or Look-Aside architectures. The solution also fits any server with its standard PCIe card form factor (Half Height Half Length), enabling a wide variety of deployments in modern data centers.

Mellanox will be showcasing Innova-2 adapters at the OpenStack Summit, Nov 6-8, Sydney Australia, and at SC17, Nov 13-16, booth # 653, at the Colorado Convention Center. You can find more information Innova-2 here.

About John Biebelhausen

John Biebelhausen is Director, OEM Marketing at Mellanox Technologies, Inc. Before joining Mellanox, John had an extensive career as a Marketing Executive in a range of technology companies including IBM, Lenovo, Dell and Sharp Labs. John was a founder in multiple start-up companies pioneering Direct Relationship Marketing and SaaS applications. John holds a MS of Science in Finance from Colorado State University and a BBA in Economics and Finance from Kent State University.

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