2017 A Year of Change: How Mellanox Helped Move The Needle in Earth Sciences, Medical Research and More

Our Interconnected Planet

Early in July, Mellanox announced “Our Interconnected Planet,” a series of blogs and articles focusing on the progress and advancements of research and science. Since then, the series has been exploring the impact of technology on global issues. Behind every large-scale issue, we find technology seeking a solution and Mellanox is driven to leverage our networking solutions to improve the human condition and our planet. Our exploration of how Mellanox is changing the world has already taken us many places. We traveled everywhere; from the frigid ice shelfs of Antarctica and the even colder far reaches of outer space, to considerably warmer waters of the Great Barrier Reef. We experienced a mind blowing total eclipse and bid a bittersweet farewell to Cassini after its two decade mission studying Saturn. We pondered the notion of finding proof of life outside of earth, and with the aid of Artificial Intelligence pushed the boundaries of research in multiple scientific disciplines ranging from turbulence and climate change to finding cures for cancers and rare diseases.

We also made our way into other worlds, looking at research and advancements in many other disciplines. Highlights include:

Along the way, one thing has been consistent: Mellanox has been there every step of the way. From interconnecting and accelerating the compute power that enabled scientists to figure out that yes, they indeed we actually listening to two black holes colliding, to enabling the research towards understanding climate change and the impact of global warming. Mellanox is also a part of the vital work being done at Stanford, including that of one researcher devoted to helping improve the odds of babies born with congenial heart defects.

And there are many, many more compelling articles already posted during 2017, showcasing new discoveries, new methodologies and techniques how Mellanox’s InfiniBand and Ethernet solutions are changing the world and allowing research and technology to advance. And, as we look forward towards 2018, Mellanox will continue its partnerships with the data scientists and the end-users that depend upon innovative solutions to accelerate their research and find answers to the many unanswered questions that drive their research. Please journey along with us as we continue to discover even more about Our Interconnected Planet.

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