Watch Efficient Cloud Solutions for MEC and Virtual Machine Network Optimization at MWC 2018!

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Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 is the world's largest gathering for the mobile industry.

Organized by the GSMA and held in the Mobile World Capital, Barcelona, the event kicked off this morning and runs from February 26th through March 1st. Mellanox, along with our partners and open source communities,will be demonstrating cool new technologies for mobile edge computing (MEC) and virtual machine network optimization that empower mobile carriers and cloud services providers to build an efficient, agile and programmable cloud data center infrastructure. Our innovative software defined networking and network function virtualization technologies are at the core of high performance, software defined data centers that enable key emerging mobile use cases including MEC, virtual machine network optimization, central office transformation into cloud data centers, IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

As you browse the MWC show floor, you will see how Mellanox powered technologies such as Single Root IO Virtualization (SR-IOV), Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE), VXLAN offloads, OVS Offloads, Security Offloads and , are integrated in many of our partner’s solutions that highlight open, efficient and high performance network virtualization infrastructure. So, when you see these demos, do ask the question about what’s under the hood and see for yourself how Mellanox ConnectX adapters, LinkX cables and transceivers, and Spectrum ethernet switches boost the total infrastructure efficiency of Telco Cloud and Cloud Service Provider infrastructure.

While there are many partner demonstrating our solutions, there are a couple that are not to be missed. After all, seeing is believing!

1. Accelerated Switching and Packet Processing (ASAP2) Demo in Lenovo Booth

Lenovo is unveiling a performance optimized offering at MWC based on Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650/SR630 servers and switches, Red Hat OpenStack Platform, and Mellanox ConnectX-4 NICs for accelerated switching and packet processing. This demo highlights how open vSwitch performance bottleneck can be overcome using Mellanox ASAP2, , an open source OVS offload technology available in standard Linux distributions including RHEL.

Virtual machine network optimization

As seen in above demo setup, two Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630 Servers with ConnectX-4 Lx PCIe 25Gbps two port SFP28 ethernet adapter are running RHEL 7.4 with KVM hypervisor. The VMs are running Ubuntu 16.04. Traffic is running between VM1-VM2 and VM3-VM2 with and without ASAP² direct offloads. Spoiler Alert: The line rate throughput and very high packet rate numbers with ASAP2 will blow you away! Also, do not forget to ask about the CPU utilization while running higher throughput traffic with ASAP².
Come to Lenovo booth (Hall 3, Stand 3N30) and see yourself amazing performance numbers when you enable Mellanox ASAP² OVS Offload technology.

2. M-CORD Programmable Dataplane Switch Fabric Demo in ONF Booth

Mobile Central Office Re-architected as a Data Center (M-CORD) is ONF’s reference design and implementation for transforming mobile carrier legacy networking infrastructure into a programmatic SDN and NFV cloud data center. Mellanox is a proud member of the ONF and CORD open source communities and is participating in this multi-vendor demo of programmable data plane switch fabric for M-CORD VNF Offloading. This demo also shows ONAP and CORD integration for multi-access edge computing (MEC) and machine learning use cases.
The demo setup above will make use of ONF’s M-CORD pod with a P4-enabled programmable data plane switch fabric of 2 leafs and 2 spines. Mellanox’s high performance, most flexible, reliable and scalable 6.4Tb/s Spectrum SN2700 open ethernet switches are part of a leaf-spine programmable switch fabric and support P4 runtime interfaces for programming data plane. In this demo, you will experience building a variant of the CORD architecture for the mobile use case, in which user traffic is processed uniquely on a multi-terabit programmable switching fabric. For this purpose, a P4-enabled CORD fabric is implementing LTE’s Serving and Packet Gateway for GTP termination, filtering, and billing.
Following are key contributions from Mellanox in this demonstration:

  • Spectrum switch running the fabric.p4 pipeline, configured as a spine node, using the open source P4 compiler combined with a Mellanox Spectrum backend target.
  • Auto-generated p4 runtime info, APIs and code that is executed on the switch.
  • Spectrum P4 runtime gRPC server handles the ONOS controller pipeline configuration, table entry requests, link discovery and counter queries.

Visit ONF booth (Hall 5, Stand 5161) and experience this exciting demo to witness Mellanox Spectrum flexibility and programmability.

Happy MWC 2018!

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