Game On! How Hyper-Converged Technology is Rocking the Gaming Industry

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There are an astonishing 3.6 billion gamers playing games worldwide. The digital game market surpassed $100 billion in 2017 and is on track to grow to $132 billion in total revenues by 2021.

Not bad for an industry that’s only been around since 1972, the year that Atari introduced Pong to the arcades.

Gaming isn’t just for the quintessential gamers, stereotypical 20-somethings playing deep into the night; fueled by chips and grape soda. Gaming is a technology that also provides virtual reality for deep therapy, showing genuine promise to treat depression. The real estate industry benefits as well with virtual walk throughs of properties. Education uses virtual reality to immerse students entirely in a different world so imagine learning about previously boring old Rome by actually being there. With the advancements of gaming, comes a need for higher speeds and larger files requiring high performance networks. This is where Bilyoner chose Mellanox’s video post-production products.

Bilyoner is the first electronic gaming platform in Turkey and provides games of chance and sports with betting games through many available web devices to over 2.5 million members. Through its platform, members access gaming services and make swift online transactions. As online gaming evolves, Bilyoner is driving to offer its services as entertaining, innovative and reliable as possible to members at all times and at any place through all possible channels.

Predictably, as their business grew, Bilyoner’s previous data center could not cope with its growing customer base and services and the company was beset with frequent performance problems and component replacements caused service interruptions. In addition, servers and network equipment were out of warranty with expensive service agreements to be renewed.


To address these issues and improve data center efficiency, Bilyoner re-architected its data center opting for a hyper-converged solution integrated with Mellanox 10/40G Ethernet switches.

The hyper-converged architecture chosen allows compute, storage and virtualization on the same platform, thus completely removing the weakness of traditional SAN and greatly improving data center efficiency. High-performance networking is required for data movement between the hyper-converged nodes. In particular, higher network speed and reliable network connectivity are essential for virtual machines and containers to migrate among nodes for business continuity.

The solution they chose facilitated faster data transfer between nodes – a feature that is mission critical to the gaming world. The solution is also flexible as the 10/40G port configuration makes the Mellanox 10/40G switches (SX1410/SN2410) future proof for system upgrade. Finally, mindful as always of cost, the Mellanox solution provided Bilyoner with the best price/performance, low power consumption and ease of use which enabled the company to securely focus on innovation and providing their customers with new services and features.  And as everyone who games knows, downtime is not in the vocabulary. According to Aziz Sasmaz, Manager of Systems and Network Administration for Bilyoner:


“Our customers are playing online sports betting and national lottery, so our services

have to be fast, always up and running. Mellanox delivers faster and most reliable

networking to help us achieve our goals.”


So, as gaming pushes into new and exciting areas, Mellanox will be right there, enabling not only traditional gaming but virtual and augmented reality in the realm of education, business, medical and more. As augmented reality (a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view) becomes ever more mainstream, more and more consumers will be able to virtually try on clothes and make-up, repair their own cars, move furniture around the home and even train like fighter pilots. Arm chair space travel anyone?

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