First Showing of Mellanox 400G SR8 OSFP Transceiver

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The data center’s biggest industry conference centered around high-speed interconnects, the Optical Fiber Conference (OFC), was in San Diego, CA March 13-to-15 with 15,000 attendees.

In the Mellanox booth, we showed a static demo of our new 400G SR8 transceiver.

400G OSFP SR8 Multi-Mode Transceiver

Using two 200G SR4s integrated onto a single PCB and optical connector, Mellanox showed a 400G SR8 transceiver in the large OSFP form-factor – Octal Small Form-factor Plug. This design uses the 16-fiber, MPO-16 optical connector and standard OM3/OM4 multi-mode fiber in the 850nm band for short reach applications up to 100 meters.

400G OSFP SR8 Multi-Mode Transceiver

The 400G SR8 can be split out to multiple QSFP56 or SFP-DD transceivers using a MPO-16 -to- MPO-12 fiber break out cables into:

  • Two 200G links
  • Four 100G links

The 100G links can use the currently available QSFP56 with the MPO optical connector or the new SFP-DD form-factor still in the final stages of standardization by the SFP-DD committee.  However, at this time the industry has not determined the new 2-channel (4 fiber) optical connector standard for the SFP-DD.

The 400G-to-400G and 400G-to-dual 200G links can be used to connect leaf spine links over short reaches of <100meters.  The Quad 100G links can be used to connect to servers and storage subsystems. This approach is much less expensive that using single-mode transceivers for short reach applications.

OSFP 8-Channel Breakouts to Servers, Storage and Switches


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About Brad Smith

Brad is the Director of Marketing at Mellanox, based in Silicon Valley for the LinkX cables and transceivers business focusing on hyperscale, Web 2.0, enterprise, storage and telco markets. Recently, Brad was Product Line Manager for Intel’s Silicon Photonics group for CWDM4/CLR4 and QSFP28 product lines and ran the 100G CLR4 Alliance. Director of Marketing & BusDev at OpSIS MPW Silicon Photonics foundry. President/COO of LuxSonar Semiconductors ( Cirrus Logic) and co-founder & Director of Product Marketing of NexGen, a X86-compatible CPU company sold to AMD - now the X86 product line. Brad also has ~15 years in technology market research as Vice president of the Computer Systems group at Dataquest/Gartner; VP/Chief Analyst at RHK and Light Counting networking research firms. Brad started his career at Digital Equipment near Boston with the VAX 11/780 and has served as CEO, president/COO and on the board-of-directors of three start-up companies. Brad has a BSEE degree from the University of Massachusetts; MBA from University of Phoenix and holds 2 optical patents

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