Mellanox Joins ODCC—Speeding Up China’s Next Generation Data Center Networks


Mellanox Joins ODCC

Mellanox has joined ODCC to form strategic partnerships with other ODCC members interested in developing powerful and cost-efficient networks, to meet China’s booming demand for data-center capacity.

The Open Data Center Committee (ODCC) is an industry led non-profit consortium formed by China’s leading technology providers: the Web 2.0 giants Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent (BAT), the Telecom giants China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom, and backed by Chinese government agencies.

ODCC promotes open hyperscale data center specifications for building an ecosystem that shares proven best practices and designs, and leverages economy-of-scale efficiencies among China’s large players.

As a dedicated supporter and solution developer, Mellanox is leveraging and integrating, our differentiated technologies and designs into some of the world’s largest cloud data centers.

Mellanox is a leader in Ethernet networking and looks forward to collaborating with other ODCC members to advance data center architectures specifically by contributing to the Phoenix project, through RoCE enablement, and advancing the Open Ethernet Vision.


Phoenix Adopts Mellanox Spectrum 100/25G Switches

Launched in August 2017 by the ODCC Network Work Group, the goal of the Phoenix Project is to promote whitebox switching, with SONiC running as an open network operating system (NOS).

The Phoenix community is giving its blessing to a known and stable Community SONiC version and packages, which can run on approved switch platforms. Indeed, Phoenix has standardized on Mellanox SN2410 100/25G as the preferred Top-of-Rack (ToR) solution.

Mellanox is committed to sharing the 25GbE + 100GbE (SN2410) switch hardware design, and is the first switch OEM to do so. Spectrum Silicon building blocks is an exciting new contribution we provide to China’s industry leaders for high-performing, scaled-out and multi-tenant network systems.


ODCC Adopts RoCE to Boost Data Center Efficiency

ODCC has recognized RoCE’s crucial role in data center interconnectivity, which is fueling the data storm generated by learning, big data analytics and storage applications.

Mellanox is sharing with ODCC members extensive experience gathered on RoCE compatibility testing, construction of lossless networks and application level performance enhancements.


A Shared Open Ethernet Vision – Mellanox and ODCC

  1. Open Source Ecosystem – Mellanox offers a choice of Network Operating Systems to unleash differentiated Spectrum switch systems. Adopting the whitebox open principles from the server world delivers an open-source, fully interoperable and software-based ecosystem.
    Mellanox is one of the major contributors to ONIE, SAI and SONiC community software projects. The Mellanox SONiC contributions span features, code infrastructure and test frameworks; in addition, Mellanox maintains multiple repositories.
  2. High Performance – Data growth shifts the performance bottleneck to the network. Mellanox Spectrum silicon has set the record for packet rate, throughput and latency in the data center.
  3. RoCE Everywhere – Storage, deep learning and big data analytics applications are running natively on RoCE, assuring that the investment made into GPUs and CPUs is put to good use. Mellanox RoCE solutions include hardware-based offloads and intelligent congestion handling to maximize system bandwidth and CPU utilization.
  4. Simple – Modern data centers are easier to deploy and monitor. A single admin can manage thousands of nodes, using scripts and networking configuration templates which are easy to scale and manage—all this reducing the complexity of troubleshooting and fallback to minutes, instead of hours and days.
  5. Lower Power Consumption – The Chinese government incentivizes data centers to go green. Major power savings are made by saving on compute power in use; RoCE yields almost 100% CPU efficiency, further reducing the need for compute in distributed systems. In addition, Spectrum 100/25G switches hold the record for the lowest Watt per port today. The Mellanox SN2010 average power consumption is just 57 Watt.


A Bright Future Collaborating with ODCC

As China continues to grow and shape the future of cloud and edge computing landscapes, we are very excited to collaborate with the ODCC on developing high-performance, scale-out and multi-tenant data center architectures.

About Elad Wind

Elad Wind is currently Director of Solution Engineer promoting the adoption of Mellanox interconnect solutions by hyperscalers. Since 2010, Elad has served in various technical and sales roles at Mellanox including Product Sales and Project Management. Elad was also a founding member of the Mellanox Singapore the APAC head office. Elad holds an MBA from Tel-Aviv University and ESSEC Business School Paris, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technion, Israel.

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