See Mellanox LinkX™ on Display at 2 of the 3 Biggest Interconnect Shows of the Year


Live Demos of 200G and 400G cables and transceivers

ECOC 2018 conference September 24-26, Rome, Italy, booth 432.

CIOE 2018 China International Optoelectronic Exposition, Shenzhen, China, September 5-8 booth 1A22-1

Mellanox will showcase the complete LinkX™ product line of 100G, 200G and 400G cables and transceivers products.  We will be showcasing live demos of our 200G SR4 QSFP56 PAM4 transceiver and DAC cables and 400G QSFP-DD DAC cables with Ixia/Keysight Inc. These cables and transceivers are all part of our end-to-end systems offering and kicks off the start of our shipments for 200GbE Ethernet and 200G HDR InfiniBand cables, transceivers and the beginning of our 400GbE cables and transceiver product line.

Designed and manufactured by Mellanox, the 4x50G PAM4 transceiver uses the QSFP56 form-factor and forms the basis for transceivers and AOC products for Mellanox’s upcoming 200G systems. The 200G DACs and AOCs are also being offered in a 1:2 Y-splitter version for breaking out InfiniBand and Ethernet 200G ports into 100G ports. For example, the recently announced 40-port HDR switch can split the ports into a whopping 80-ports of 100G in a 1RU switch form-factor.

On static display at both ECOC and CIOE, will be our full line of 25/50/100Gb/s cables and transceivers for hyperscale and data center applications including:

  • 25G/50G/100G DAC & AOC cables and SR, SR4, PSM4, CWDM4 and LR4 transceivers
  • DAC and AOC dual and quad breakout cables for 100G to 4x25G and 2x50G
  • 200G DACs, AOCs cables and Y-splitters and SR4 multi-mode transceivers

ECOC Speakers Include:

  1. ECOC2018, paper We1H.3, Wednesday Sept 26, 09.30am, “Scaling optical interconnects beyond 400 Gb/s.”  Paper describing work within EC projects plaCMOS and plasmofab. By Paraskevas Bakopoulos
  2. International Symposium on Hybrid PICs, organized at ECOC2018, September 26, 2018

“Addressing datacenter challenges with hybrid PICs” Presentation on optical switching work in EC project 3PEAT. By Paraskevas Bakopoulos

  1. 6th International Symposium for Optical Interconnect in Data Centres, organized at ECOC2018, September 26, 2018, 15:45. “plaCMOS – Wafer-scale, CMOS integration of photonics, plasmonics and electronics devices for mass manufacturing 200Gb/s non-return-to-zero (NRZ) transceivers towards low-cost Terabit connectivity in Data Centers. An overview of plaCMOS project; by Dimitrios Kalavrouziotis

LinkX is the interconnect product line of cables and transceivers and part of the Mellanox “end-to-end” ecosystem including Spectrum2™ 200GbE and Quantum™ InfiniBand HDR systems and ConnectX™-6 network adapters.

Come See Mellanox LinkX™ cables and transceivers!

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About Brad Smith

Brad is the Director of Marketing at Mellanox, based in Silicon Valley for the LinkX cables and transceivers business focusing on hyperscale, Web 2.0, enterprise, storage and telco markets. Recently, Brad was Product Line Manager for Intel’s Silicon Photonics group for CWDM4/CLR4 and QSFP28 product lines and ran the 100G CLR4 Alliance. Director of Marketing & BusDev at OpSIS MPW Silicon Photonics foundry. President/COO of LuxSonar Semiconductors ( Cirrus Logic) and co-founder & Director of Product Marketing of NexGen, a X86-compatible CPU company sold to AMD - now the X86 product line. Brad also has ~15 years in technology market research as Vice president of the Computer Systems group at Dataquest/Gartner; VP/Chief Analyst at RHK and Light Counting networking research firms. Brad started his career at Digital Equipment near Boston with the VAX 11/780 and has served as CEO, president/COO and on the board-of-directors of three start-up companies. Brad has a BSEE degree from the University of Massachusetts; MBA from University of Phoenix and holds 2 optical patents

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