How Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Can Enable Enterprise Data Centers to Cloud Scale


Mellanox and NetApp jointly hosted the India CXO event in Mumbai at Sofitel Hotel on Oct 29th, 2018. CIO, CTO and IT Executives from various industries gathered together wherein NetApp & Mellanox leadership teams shared deep insights about ‘How Hyper-Converged Infrastructure can enable enterprises to elevate their data centers to cloud-scale for business needs today and tomorrow’.

Leadership offered key insights:

Mellanox’s technology leadership in delivering end-to-end Ethernet interconnect data center solutions across servers, storage, and hyper-converged infrastructure are driving richer customer experiences by pushing the data faster to the applications. Mr. Marc Sultzbaugh, Sr. VP of Mellanox World Sales, highlighted that while Software Defined Networking is defining the Hybrid IT infrastructure, it is also the bottleneck in CPU computing and security control within bare metal server and virtual machines. Mellanox Smart NIC and Open Ethernet data center solutions can help resolving these issues. For instance, Mellanox Smart NICs can offload the CPU computing to the network and isolate the security domain and data domain by moving and computing data faster and more securely. As the result, Mellanox is uniquely positioned to support the exponential data growth, as we supply high performance interconnect solutions, an industry with a total addressable market of over $10billion, and high-speed Ethernet solutions for data centers globally.

Sultzbaugh and Charlie Foo, Mellanox APAC VP and General Manager, both spoke of major trends that are shaping the future of Data Center Networking globally and in India over the last decade  India is a key growth market.Sultzbaugh highlighted that trends such as big data, cloud, IoT, and high-speed storage are opening up new avenues for businesses to scale their operations by disaggregating existing data centers. Subsequently, organizations are migrating from in-house data centers to embrace hybrid cloud infrastructure and leased colocation facilities. Other 3 major trends to pay attention to in today’s data center planning and structuring are Hyper-Scaling, Hybrid Internal Clouds, and Edge Computing.

Finally,  Tirthankar Mitra, General Manager -India & SAARC of Mellanox Technologies India, took a look at the growing market opportunities and business growth in India as we see increasing adoption of 25Gb/s Ethernet solutions across e-commerce, fintech, service providers, banking, and telecommunication industries. As Mellanox offers end-to-end interconnect networking solutions to data centers in India that are hosting IT infrastructures for hyper scale enterprises from multiple industries, we are supporting the hyper-scale transition of these enterprises by enabling them to handle the increasing online traffic demand such as video streaming and reduce network outage, offering smoother and better customer experiences online.

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Qingchun Song is the Sr. Director, Market Development of APAC at Mellanox. He holds a Masters of Computing Science in China Tsinghua University and has 17 years’ experience in HPC and storage industry. Qingchun wasthe technical director of Mellanox Asia, Mellanox Taiwan General Manager and principle architect of AI solution in Mellanox China. He has successfully built the RDMA eco-system over China mainstream machine learning/deep learning and big data framework, as well new storage market.

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