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: Mellanox Rivermax™ broadcasting and post production solutions  
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How Mellanox Rivermax™ Uses IP-based Networking to Provide Broadcasting and Post Production Solutions

The adoption of 4K and soon 8K video formats and the transition from Serial Digital Interface (SDI) to IP-based broadcasting drive the need for efficient, higher performance networking technologies that can stream more bits per second in real-time. This is why you should consider using Mellanox’s Ethernet Video Fabrics with the emerging Ethernet speeds of 25, 50, and 100GbE with advanced offload technologies that accelerate data communication for servers and storage in your new video data centers.

Come by the Mellanox booth (SL6025) at NAB, April 8-11, 2019, in the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall and find out about the breakthrough technologies Mellanox is working on that enable tomorrow’s virtualized IP based workflows today.

Stop by to learn:

  • How our IP based networking virtualized solutions enable users to address the performance bottlenecks and unleash innovation.
  • How Rivermax™, our networking orchestration and management software, delivers virtualized IP-based solutions that enable compliance with SMPTE 2110, while reducing CPU utilization and maximizing throughput for video data streaming.
    • How joint solutions with our Media & Entertainment partners can help you to build the most efficient IP based Media data centers that meet your business needs.

Live Demo in our booth:

In our booth we will demonstrate Rivermax™ our video streaming library for media and entertainment, smart cities and content delivery networks (CDNs) playout SMPTE2110 video streams over vSphere based virtualized solution. It will also be a good opportunity to meet our R&D Experts.


Visit Mellanox at NAB for a look at our broadcasting and post-production solutions

Mellanox Rivermax @ NAB2019 Sneak Peek, can be found on YouTube , or easier, just join us for a live demo in our booth – demoing our Rivermax Virtualized Video over IP on:

  • Monday– 3pm
  • Tuesday– 10 am
  • Wednesday– 10 am
  • Thursday– 10 am

Please don’t miss our presentations at the NAB conference and visit us in the IP Showcase and in the Expo. Below is a list of our activities.

Presentation at the Show:

         Speaker: Thomas Kernen, Staff Architect, Mellanox Technologies

          When: Sunday, April 7 • 1:30 PM – 2:50 PM

Location: N260 – E

Demo at the IP Showcase Pavilion:             

The IP Showcase features a full schedule of must-see IP education sessions, live demonstrations (including the Rivermax, Spectrum™ SN2010 switch and ConnectX®-5 Ethernet NIC) and the latest interoperability developments.

At the Expo – Partner Demos & Partner Events

Mellanox             SL6025

Stop by to learn how our Ethernet Video Fabrics (EVF) solutions enable users to address performance bottlenecks and unleash innovation. Also learn about the significant benefits that Mellanox RiverMax™, our networking orchestration and management software, delivers.

Artel Video Systems SU8107

Artel Video Systems provides innovative, real-time, multimedia delivery solutions serving global markets. Artel’s is a trusted partner in the development of reliable, standards-based, IP infrastructures and will demo the Mellanox Spectrum™ SN2100 switch.


Avid delivers the most open and efficient media platform, connecting content creation with collaboration, asset protection, distribution and consumption, leveraging IP connectivity with the Mellanox Spectrum™ SN2100 switch.


Demo of Cisco® Media Data Center over Mellanox’s Rivermax and ConnectX-5, which enables content providers and broadcasters to migrate from legacy SDI to a flexible and scalable IP-based infrastructure to meet the evolving demand for more content and rich media experiences, including more camera feeds, higher resolutions with 4K and 8K video, and virtual reality capabilities.


Demonstration of CoralPlay, a next generation playout product, over 2110 playout and graphics pre-rendering using After Effects, using Mellanox’s Rivermax over ConnectX-5

Elements                     SL11510

NVMe All Flash Array (AFA) storage with 100GbE RDMA connectivity, delivering performance beyond belief, with incredible high-bandwidths, zero latencies and more than double the throughput – a huge benefit for all media workflows.”

Embrionix N2508

Embrionix will demonstrate its 4K/UHD IP solutions for broadcast environments including solutions with Mellanox IP networking technologies.

Emergent C5640

Two demos using Rivermax & ConnectX-5: HB-50000C 50MegaPixel (8K), 30fps, 25GigE camera and HB-30000C 30MegaPixel (6K), 35fps, 25GigE camera

Excelero SL5724

The Excelero demos will feature the “Any-K video storage for media workflows” use case, which enables customers to build future proof post production infrastructure, optimized for 4K video and ready for 8K and 16K.

Grass Valley SL106

Grass Valley will demonstrate the new Rivermax™ and ConnectX®-5 adapters for video acceleration, delivering 8K UHD, 60 FPS with 1 CPU core. In addition, the VMA Linux Multi-Viewer will be shown with ConnectX®-5 adapters.


Demonstration of Mediaproxy, a unified software solution for 24/7 compliance logging and monitoring, analysis, multiviewing and capture of live video from broadcast and OTT sources, now compliant with current broadcast and IP streaming regulations and running over ConnectX-5 to support all current industry standards for closed captioning, DVB Subtitling, SCTE-35 (Type 5 and 6), SCTE-104 and loudness (A/85 and R128 1770-4).

Nevion SU5510

As architects of virtualized production, Nevion focuses on building solutions that leverage IP, IT and cloud technology to dramatically improve time-to-production and cost-effectiveness. Demo highlights: Mellanox Spectrum™ SN2100 switch, VMA Linux Sender support, and ConnectX®-5 adapters.


The PHABRIX product portfolio includes the Qx range for hybrid IP, 4K/UHD, and HDR/WCG signal generation, analysis, and video/audio monitoring and the rackmount Rx range for fast intermittent fault diagnosis in 3G/HD-SDI environments and the Sx range for applications demanding ultra-portable instruments.

Pixit Media SL5724

Demo of high end 8K playback multiple workstations using PixStor and Excelero storage with NVMe-oF over Mellanox’s EVF using Spectrum™ SN2100 switch, ConnectX®-5 adapters and LinkX® cables.

Qumulo SL12111

The Qumulo NAB live demo will feature a Mellanox Ethernet storage switch and ConnectX-4/5 NIC with Qumulo’s universal-scale file storage for high performance, unstructured data workloads.

Reeldata  SL10830

Visit the Reeldata booth for a demonstration of the superior performance of the Rozo Systems software-defined NAS solution when running on a cluster of commodity servers equipped with Mellanox’s ConnectX NICs and connected by Mellanox’s Spectrum switch.

Rozo Systems   SL10830

Visit the Reeldata booth for a demonstration of the superior performance of the Rozo Systems software-defined NAS solution when running on a cluster of commodity servers equipped with Mellanox’s ConnectX NICs and connected by Mellanox’s Spectrum switch.

ROSS Video SL1805

On the Ross Video booth at NAB, John Naylor will be presenting a Technology Demo featuring the virtualization of the XPression real-time motion graphics engine and outputting in the SMPTE ST 2110 IP video format. The real-time 3D rendering of the virtualized XPression will utilize an NVIDIA GRID GPU for real-time rendering and then leverage the Mellanox CX5 tools from the Rivermax SDK to output uncompressed SMPTE ST 2110. The final output will be presented to observers using a Ross Video Newt IP gateway which will composite the SMPTE ST 2110 feed of video and key signals over a third SMPTE ST 2110 signal using a Ross Video Raptor and then a Ross Video NEWT IP Gateway which will convert the 2110 signal to NDMI for display on a local monitor.


TAG V.S. SU6521

TAG V.S. specializes in innovative IP monitoring & high quality UHD Multiviewer solutions which are IP based and run on standard and mobile devices displays. TAG V.S. solutions run over Mellanox ConnectX-5 10, 25, 40, 50 & 100GbE that has been qualified by the company.

For more information on Mellanox’s IP technology for broadcasting and post production solutions visit Media and Entertainment Solutions page

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