Test drive your five-star deep learning infrastructure today!

Introducing Test, a five star deep learning infrastructure program from Trace3, NetApp, Mellanox, Nvidia and Fletential.  
Deep learning

Flexential, Nvidia, Mellanox, NetApp, and Trace3 are teaming up to launch the Test drive program to help customers benefit from deep learning infrastructure.

When we search for a hotel in an unfamiliar place, we tend to decide based on the rating. A five-star rating would assure us of a certain level of security, comfort, and quality. In the same way, as businesses adopt new technologies such as deep learning infrastructure, a five-star infrastructure would assure a certain level of performance, quality, and convenience.

While the benefits of deep learning are obvious, selecting the right components, configuring the infrastructure for peak performance and provisioning the power/space can be a daunting task for first-time adopters. Five industry leaders – Flexential, Nvidia, Mellanox, NetApp, and Trace3 are teaming up to launch the Test drive program. The goal of the Test drive program is to help customers benefit from deep learning without having to worry about data privacy or fine-tuning the infrastructure.

How Does the Test Drive Program Work?

Flexential colocation data centers hosts ready for use racks comprising of Nvidia DGX-1/DGX-2 systems and NetApp AFF A800 all-flash storage system interconnected by Mellanox Spectrum SN2700 Ethernet switches. The infrastructure is pre-configured and fine-tuned for peak performance by Trace3. Customers can securely connect to the infrastructure and use popular machine learning frameworks in a familiar environment such as Jupyter notebooks right away!

The Infrastructure

The core infrastructure is based on the recently published NetApp ONTAP AI reference architecture with Mellanox Spectrum Ethernet switches.

Spectrum Ethernet switches are optimized for storage and deep learning. Spectrum switches:

  • Provide robust, low latency and high bandwidth RoCE based data path
  • Boost distributed system performance by sharing the bandwidth fairly and by implementing smart end-end hardware-accelerated congestion management mechanisms.
  • Dramatically reduce mean time to issue resolution and simplify operations with support for advanced telemetry technology.

The Bottom Line

Flexential, Mellanox, Nvidia, NetApp, and Trace3 have teamed up to launch the Test drive program. Test drive program provides customers with best of breed, high performance and professionally run infrastructure. With Test drive, customers can just focus their deep learning workloads without having to worry about purchasing, racking, stacking and tuning the infrastructure.

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