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Welcome to the DPU-Enabled Data Revolution Era

According to Yuval Noah Harari, one of the most famous historians living today, mankind has faced 4 major revolutions: The Cognitive Revolution, which occurred in 70,000 BCE, defined the birth of language and the ability to communicate; it also brought homo sapiens to the front stage by overcoming the Neanderthals. The Agricultural Revolution occurred in 10,000 BCE and defined […]

Mellanox Turns Zero-Trust to HERO-Trust

Mellanox BlueField empowers zero-trust security solutions

From the early days of humanity, trust has been the foundation of social systems and thriving economies. With the development of information science and technology in the 20th century, trust has also played a key role in data security architectures, including cryptography and encryption, certificate creation and management, authentication, and public key infrastructures, among others. […]

BlueField Hackathon – Smart people, Smart results, SmartNIC

Mellanox BlueField Hackathon

At Mellanox, we understand that it is not just about spotting a good opportunity, success is all about the execution, if you don’t act you’ve missed out. So when we had the opportunity to host some of the smartest people we know to solve real datacenter networking problems with our BlueField SmartNIC well…you guessed it: […]

Don’t Host Security Threats: BlueField SmartNIC Trusted Security Solution – The Only Way to Secure Your Infrastructure

The Meltdown and Spectre microprocessors-based attacks are prime demonstrations for why the attempt to secure data or infrastructure via host-based solutions (i.e. host software or host processor) is destined to fail. When the security controls and the attacker share the same trust domain (the host) it is most likely to result in an undetected security […]