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Choosing the Right Speed for Your Leaf-Spine Data center Network

We generally assume that faster network interconnects maximize endpoint performance. In this blog, I will examine key factors and considerations when choosing the right speed for your leaf-spine data center networks. To establish a common ground and terminology, I’ve listed below the 5 building blocks that comprise a standard leaf-spine networking infrastructure. Let’s start by […]

The Truth Behind the E-Commerce Deal Silent Killer

We’ve all heard of the big website crashes that cost e-commerce giants millions and even billions in lost sales. Recent outages confirm this: like Macy’s in 2016, the recent Target website crash, and Lowe’s site down on Black Friday. Even e-commerce giant Amazon is not immune from outages, when just one hour of downtime on […]

Enabling HPC and AI Cloud with Ethernet Switching

These are exciting times for Mellanox, especially with Spectrum Ethernet switching.  We are experiencing extreme momentum across many different verticals and use-cases, whether it’s a cloud company or a bank or any enterprise deploying open, scale-out infrastructure. Ethernet Storage Fabrics (ESF) provide the fastest and most efficient networking solution for storage.  ESF leverages the speed, […]

Dell PowerEdge Servers Get New Mellanox I/O Enhancement with ConnectX-4

Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx Dual Port 25 Gb/s Ethernet Mezzanine Card

With the exponential increase in usage of data and the creation of new applications, the demand for the highest throughput, lowest latency, virtualization and sophisticated data acceleration engines continues to rise. The new Mellanox ConnectX-4 Lx EN with 10Gb/s and 25Gb/s Ethernet connectivity for Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers enables data centers to leverage the world’s […]

Ethernet Video Fabric Accelerates 4K and 8K Video, Replacing SDI

Mellanox is showing Ethernet Video Fabrics solutions for 4K and 8K video at IBC 2018

The adoption of 4K video and soon 8K video formats and the transition from Serial Digital Interface (SDI) to IP-based broadcasting drive the need for efficient, higher performance networking technologies that can stream more bits per second in real-time. This is why you should consider using Mellanox’s Ethernet Video Fabrics with the emerging Ethernet speeds […]

Mellanox Spectrum for Microsoft Azure SONiC

Everyone agrees that open solutions are the best solutions, but for Ethernet switches, there are very few truly open operating systems – until now.  Microsoft has open sourced the network operating system (NOS) they use in Azure, SONiC (Software for Open Networking in the Cloud), created the community, and posted it on Github. SONiC is a […]

Migrate to 25/100 Gigabit Ethernet — Get the Best Datacenter Return on Investment

Gartner in a recent report says, “In the Data Center, Just Say ’No‘ to Chassis-Based Switches and 10G/40G Switches to Save 70%”. At Mellanox, we have built the industry’s leading 25/100G Ethernet network adapters, cables, transceivers and fixed form-factor datacenter switches. With over 65% market share, Mellanox is the market leader in the 25G+ high-speed […]

Mellanox Introduces Next Generation Ethernet Network Operating System – Mellanox Onyx™

Mellanox is excited to announce the general availability of Mellanox Onyx. Onyx succeeds MLNX-OS as the next-generation network operating system for Spectrum Open Ethernet switches.  Onyx combines rich network operating system features for the modern datacenter with the flexibility of a completely open container-based framework. Onyx combines the best of Classic & Disaggregated Network Operating […]

Lowering Latencies to Deliver Maximum Benefits to the Application and Network

Part 2 of a 3-part Series Financial success in large securities, exchanges and trading houses come when they are able to receive, process, and fill market orders faster than the blink of an eye. Organization with even the smallest advantage can reap huge profits over the competition. This, in-turn, is driving organizations to optimize at […]

Lowering Latencies to Deliver Maximum Benefit to the Application and Network (Three Part Series)

Part 1 of a 3-part Series Low latency has long been an important consideration in many market segments of computing. This includes the Financial Services Industry where a 1-usec advantage has been said to be worth $100 million a year. In the Broadcast, Media and Entertainment segment, increasing video quality video including the latest Ultra […]