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Hackathon Fever –Spreading the Innovation

  We love hackathons at Mellanox! Mellanox just launched the 2018 hackathon season with our 3rd USA Open Software Hackathon. Across 3 of our USA sites:  Sunnyvale, Austin and Seattle, participants from R&D, Marketing, Architecture and Software Architecture. The hackathon topic was open to any topic and resulted in the generation of great ideas for […]

Going the Distance: Mellanox Hackathon Spurs Innovation and Code Rules The Day

Mellanox recently held its 11th Software Hackathon in Mellanox Israel offices. As most know, Hackathons are essentially software writing contests. Creative engineers spend 48 hours, working around the clock, “hacking” (writing software) in a marathon fashion. Hackathons have become part of the Mellanox culture by enabling employees to innovate and drive their ideas from vision […]

Mellanox Hosts 10th Software Hackathon

Hackathon is a about motivation and driving innovations into our products. It enables every engineer to come up with a great idea, prototype that idea and present it to the management team. This is the way ideas are brought to life! At Mellanox, Hackathon is not just a tradition, it’s a way of life. This […]

Mellanox Hosts 2nd USA Open Hackathon

We recently hosted the 2nd USA Open Hackathon. Hackathons are becoming tradition here at Mellanox – this represents our 8th software Hackathon. To those of you who wonder what Hackathon is, it is a software writing competition, where innovative and talented engineers bring their ideas to life within a short period of time of intensive […]

Join Mellanox for the Security and Performance Hackathon 2016!

Here at Mellanox the Hackathon season has just started. We had our 7th company hackathon focusing on Security & Performance. Next week we will hold the first Networking & RDMA Hackathon in Tel Aviv, which will be open up great opportunities to write software that scales and performs better using advanced networking technologies. Additionally, we […]

Hackathon Comes to Tel Aviv!

Do you think you have ideas that can change the world? If so, then you need to join the first ever Networking and RDMA hackathon being held in Tel Aviv! I love innovation and started the software hackathons inside Mellanox almost three years ago. It is an amazing platform for employees to drive their cool […]

Hack away! Mellanox Hosts New Hackathon Focusing on Resiliency

Recently, Mellanox hosted the 6th Software Hackathon at Mellanox, Israel. A Hackathon is essentially a software writing competition, in which innovative and talented engineers bring their ideas to life within a short period of time. This time they had 48 hours to develop their prototypes through intensive coding and debugging. In short: hacking + marathon […]

Mellanox Software 3D Hackathon

After the overwhelming success of Hackathon 2014 this past January, Mellanox Israel now presents 3D Hackathon:  Develop, Debug, Deploy. This contest is designed to encourage innovation and teamwork, while introducing new 3D software technologies and features in a very quick turnaround time.   Mellanox Israel employees were invited to submit proposals for new software projects […]