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Enter The Mellanox World Emoji Day Contest!

What once started out in Japan as weather symbols and street signs has grown into a cultural phenomenon – what we now refer to as emojis! Individually, they are packed full of emotion, and together, they can tell a story. Come Sunday, July 17, the world is celebrating these little symbols on World Emoji Day. […]

Mellanox Selfie Photo Contest: Living the Mellanox Life!

We are excited to announce the Mellanox Selfie Photo Contest. This contest will run through the summer, so you have plenty of time to upload your photo and gather votes for your best entry.  The top prize for the contest is an American Express $5,000 USD gift card!  Additional prizes include a GoPro+ deluxe set […]

Global Corporate Challenge: Getting Started with Fitness

Several weeks ago, I received an email encouraging Mellanox employees in the United States to join the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC).  I almost filed the email in the “Other stuff from people” folder, by way of sheer coincidence, has a little trash can icon next to it.   But, then I paused.   I really should […]