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Betting Big in Belfast

Queens University

Today, with the acquisition of Titan IC, we have embarked on a big and ongoing technology investment in Northern Ireland and I wanted to talk about why we’ve made such a big commitment in an area of technology that many aren’t familiar with, but we think will be incredibly important. Titan IC, based in Belfast, […]

And some Switches actually do support 4000 VLANs

Layer 2 switching is a well-known established technology and VLANs are part of it. Nevertheless, people in operations face challenges and unpredictable behavior of their networking gear again and again: Limited ranges of configurable VLANs: Many switch vendors and NOSs reserve ranges of different sizes for specific tasks.  For example, logical port mapping, function mapping, […]

The Ideal Network for Containers and NFV Microservices

Containers are the New Virtual Machine Containers represent a hot trend in cloud computing today. They allow virtualization of servers and portability of applications minus the overhead of running a hypervisor on every host and without a copy of the full operating system in every virtual machine. This makes them more efficient than using full […]