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The End of Moore’s Law and the Return of Cleverness

Giant Interposer Cited as Proof that Moore’s Law Continues

In my previous “Call Me Stupid …” blog, I outlined why I think Moore’s Law is done, effectively ended as the driving force behind an exponential improvement in semiconductors every two years. So if Moore’s Law is slowing down and we can’t count on ever-faster processors every year, what does it mean for technologists and […]

Call Me Stupid…But as Moore’s Law Ends, All I Hear is Tock, Tock, Tock

At the recent Silicon 100 Summit Intel senior vice president Jim Keller gave a keynote titled: “Moore’s Law isn’t dead and if you think that, you’re stupid.” Well, then call me stupid because I’ve been arguing for several years that Moore’s Law is dying; and making the case that this will have a profound impact […]