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XDP Acceleration over Mellanox’s ConnectX NICs

XDP (eXpress Data Path) is a programmable Data path in the Linux Kernel network stack. It provides a framework to BPF and can enable high performance packet processing at run-time. XDP works in concert with Linux Network stack, it is not a kernel bypass. Since XDP runs in the Kernel network driver, it can read […]

Mellanox Demonstrates New 400G DR4 and 200G SR4 Optical Transceivers with High Data Reliability at ECOC’19

Mellanox LinkX cables featuring 400G DR4 and 200G SR4 Optical Transceivers

Mellanox is demonstrating new LinkX products as well as showcasing the full line of 100/200/400G cables and optical transceivers at the European Convention for Optical Communications (ECOC) Sept 21st in Dublin, Ireland. Here’s a look at what to expect at our booth: An active DACs, QSA56 port adapters and 400G DR4 transceivers announcement: Active DAC […]

Feeding the Data Beast with PCIe 4.0

Summary Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Machines, containerization, and 5G mobile wireless networks are key drivers for next-generation high-performance systems. However, current servers with PCIe Express (PCIe) 3.0 require wide busses to keep up with the latest Ethernet or InfiniBand speeds or with the performance demands of new NVMe solid-state drives (SSD). For example, the bandwidth of […]

OpenBMC Automates Cloud Operations

By Elad Wind and Yuval Itkin There’s a saying in the IT industry that when you go Cloud, everything must scale to maximum levels. Server design, power consumption, network architecture, compute density, component costs, heat dissipation and all their related aspects must be designed for efficiency when one administrator might oversee thousands of servers in […]

Mellanox LinkX at OFC19 – 100 and 200/400G Cables and Transceivers

Mellanox showing 100G and 200/400G Cables and Transceivers at OFC 2019

The Optical Fiber Conference was in San Diego Mar 4-7th with 16,000+ attendees and 700 booths. OFC is LinkX’s biggest show of the year as it focuses on future products and was all about 200G/400G using with 50G PAM4 modulation. The Mellanox LinkX team showed an incredible 6 live demonstrations! 400G DR4 – 500m single-mode transceiver […]

Enabling HPC and AI Cloud with Ethernet Switching

These are exciting times for Mellanox, especially with Spectrum Ethernet switching.  We are experiencing extreme momentum across many different verticals and use-cases, whether it’s a cloud company or a bank or any enterprise deploying open, scale-out infrastructure. Ethernet Storage Fabrics (ESF) provide the fastest and most efficient networking solution for storage.  ESF leverages the speed, […]

HPE and Mellanox Offer Cloud-Ready OpenNFV Solutions with Record DPDK Performance

HPE and Mellanox recently published a Solution Brief highlighting their cloud-ready OpenNFV (Network Functions Virtualization) solution which demonstrates record DPDK performance and OVS acceleration using Mellanox ASAP2 (Accelerated Switching and Packet Processing). The results were based on HPE ProLiant Gen10 Servers and Mellanox ConnectX-5 Adapters and Spectrum Switches. This joint-solution results in the highest performance […]

Vote NOW for Mellanox on Open Infrastructure Summit, Denver Presentations

The 2019 Open Infrastructure Summit (formerly called as Openstack Summit) has opened up voting for presentations to be given on April. 29 – May 1, in Denver, USA. Mellanox has a long history of supporting OpenStack with technology, products and solutions. We have submitted a number of technical papers ready for voting! The OpenStack Foundation […]

Mellanox Spectrum Linux Switch Powered by SwitchDev

Spectrum Linux Switch enables users to natively install and use any standard Linux distribution as the switch operating system on the Open Ethernet Mellanox Spectrum™ switch platforms and ASIC. The Spectrum Linux switch is enabled by Switchdev, a Linux kernel driver model for Ethernet switches. It breaks the dependency of using vendor-specific, closed-source software development […]

How Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Can Enable Enterprise Data Centers to Cloud Scale

Mellanox and NetApp jointly hosted the India CXO event in Mumbai at Sofitel Hotel on Oct 29th, 2018. CIO, CTO and IT Executives from various industries gathered together wherein NetApp & Mellanox leadership teams shared deep insights about ‘How Hyper-Converged Infrastructure can enable enterprises to elevate their data centers to cloud-scale for business needs today and tomorrow’. […]