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Chinese Tech Giant Tencent Teams with Mellanox and IBM to Smash Big Data Analytics Record

Tencent Inc., Mellanox Technologies and IBM today announced new world record-breaking performance in select data analytics categories of the TeraSort Benchmark (sortbenchmark.org) using Mellanox 100GB Ethernet interconnect technology and OpenPOWER-based server technology. Long considered to be the gold standard for measuring scalability and efficiency of general purpose distributed computing systems – or, many small servers […]

Set VMware vMotion into Fast Motion over High-Speed Interconnect

Virtual Machine (VM) live migration is an important feature to enhance the high availability of applications, guarantee quality of service, and simplify infrastructure maintenance operations. Specifically, it can help to:   Automatically optimize VMs within resource pools to ensure that VM resource requirements are met, minimizing unexpected downtime. Perform hardware maintenance without scheduling downtime or […]