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Automated Network Provisioning for VMs with Mellanox and Nutanix

Applications in enterprise clouds are virtualized,¬†running from virtual machines (VMs) or containers sprung from physical servers. This allows cloud applications to utilize the most optimal resources available, use them only when needed, and share resources to achieve the best efficiency. For instance, compute-intensive applications run on VMs residing on servers equipped with powerful CPUs and […]

Networking Your Nutanix Enterprise Cloud To Scale

Leaf-Spine Architecture with Mellanox Networking Builds Scalable and Efficient Infrastructure Your enterprise cloud on the hyper-converged platform is built to scale. As you grow your business with more customers and new services, your enterprise cloud has to meet your business needs for both today and the future. Can your current network infrastructure also scale efficiently […]

Empower Converged IT Platforms for SMBs with Mellanox & Nutanix

As SMBs grow their businesses in the era of Web 2.0, their IT platforms need to cope with business expansion and support newly added online services. However, modernizing the existing IT infrastructure is often quite challenging, due to budget and operational constraints. SMBs have neither the scale to utilize complicated and expensive IT solutions developed […]

Top 7 Reasons Why Fibre Channel Is Doomed

Analyst firm,¬†Neuralytix, just published a terrific white paper about the revolution affecting data storage interconnects.¬† Titled Faster Interconnects for Next Generation Data Centers, it explains why customers are rethinking their data center storage and networks, in particular around how iSCSI and iSER (iSCSI with RDMA) are starting to replace Fibre Channel for block storage. You […]