When Ethernet Meets the Unbelievable

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Towering high above the Manhattan skyline on the Horizon level (102nd floor), One World Observatory at the new One World Trade Center (the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere) is the ideal location for an extraordinary event. The amazing views afforded by the floor-to-ceiling glass served as the perfect backdrop for some truly unbelievable Ethernet innovation from Mellanox Technologies as well!


Data centers are at a critical breaking point as they need to deal with growing amounts of data. The data center has become the competitive advantage and companies seek the right interconnect solutions to enable innovation. Commonly deployed closed Ethernet solutions (those requiring the use of proprietary hardware-software combinations) leave many businesses unable to optimize their data centers for their unique needs. Today, network performance and flexibility are critical to analyzing more data in real time.


Last night, under the fabulous backdrop of the New York City skyline, Mellanox unveiled new Ethernet products to enable the future of the data center – our new Open Ethernet Spectrum switch and ConnectX-4 Lx network adapter. Pushing the boundary for open solutions, Spectrum is the industry’s only 100GbE Open Ethernet-based network switch, which will enable businesses to deploy end-to-end 25 and 100Gb/s Ethernet while choosing the software best suited for their data center.


With this announcement, customers in the cloud, Web 2.0, Big Data and other high-performance markets will be able to achieve real-time insights from their data, giving them the information needed to drive their business forward. With its announcement, ConnectX-4 Lx becomes the industry’s most cost-effective 25GbE and 50GbE network adapter which enables organizations to migrate from 10GbE to 25GbE and from 40GbE to 50GbE with similar power and cost.


Today marks the beginning of a new era for Ethernet-based data center environments and we believe it will also mark the start of significant disruption in the market. What better way to usher in this new era than at an unbelievable venue in one of the world’s greatest cities.


About Gilad Shainer

Gilad Shainer has served as Mellanox's Vice President of Marketing since March 2013. Previously, he was Mellanox's Vice President of Marketing Development from March 2012 to March 2013. Gilad joined Mellanox in 2001 as a design engineer and later served in senior marketing management roles between July 2005 and February 2012. He holds several patents in the field of high-speed networking and contributed to the PCI-SIG PCI-X and PCIe specifications. Gilad holds a MSc degree (2001, Cum Laude) and a BSc degree (1998, Cum Laude) in Electrical Engineering from the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel.

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