IBM Power Systems Enhances I/O Portfolio with Mellanox Delivers Superior Performance and Value for IBM Power 9 Servers


If anything is certain about the future, it’s that there will be more complexity, more data to manage and greater pressure to deliver instantly. The hardware you buy should meet today’s expectations and prepare you for whatever comes next. IBM Power Systems scale out servers are powerful, flexible servers built to deliver value for diverse workloads and mission critical applications in AIX, IBM I and Linux environments.

With the exponential growth of data being shared and stored by applications and social networks, the need for high-speed and high performance compute and storage data centers is skyrocketing. Mellanox provides exceptional high performance for the most demanding data centers, public and private clouds, Web2.0 and Big Data applications, as well as High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Storage systems, enabling today’s corporations to meet the demands of the data explosion. Mellanox provides an unmatched combination of 100Gb/s bandwidth, the lowest available latency, and specific hardware offloads, addressing both today’s and the next generation’s compute and storage data center demands.

I/O enhancements for IBM Power S924, S922, S914, H924, H922, and L922 servers

The PCIe3 Low Profile 2-port 100 Gb EDR InfiniBand Adapter x16 (#EC3E) from Mellanox is now available for IBM S922, L922, and H922 servers, and the PCIe3 2-port 100 Gb EDR InfiniBand Adapter x16 (#EC3F) from Mellanox is now available for IBM S924, S914, and H924 servers. These adapters provide high-speed connectivity with other servers or InfiniBand switches. Each port maximum of 100 Gb assumes no other system or switch bottlenecks are present. The adapters support the InfiniBand Trade Association (IBTA) specification version 2.

The two 100 Gb ports have QSFP+ connections that support EDR cables, either EDR DAC or EDR optical. One adapter can support either or both cable types. The user can choose to attach a cable to just one port if they want. Transceivers are included in the cables. IBM cable features EB50-EB54 (copper shorter distance) and features EB5A-EB5H (optical longer distance) are supported or their copper or optical Mellanox equivalents are supported. Other cables are not supported.

  • PCIe3 2-port 100 Gb EDR IB Adapter x16 (#EC3E, #EC3F) for IBM POWER9 scale-out servers.
  • PCIe3 1-port 100 Gb EDR IB Adapter x16 (#EC3U, #EC3T) for IBM POWER9 scale-out servers.

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