Mellanox Wins CIOE Trade Show Technology Innovation Award for 200Gb/s Cables and Transceivers 

Mellanox Wins CIOE Trade Show Technology Innovation Award for 200Gb/s Cables and Transceivers  

LinkX™ First to Ship 200G Optics and Copper to Customers!

Mellanox won the Technology Innovation Award at the CIOE 2018 China International Optoelectronic Exposition, in Shenzhen, China last week for our innovations in high-speed interconnect product technologies and achievements of beginning shipments of next-generation 200Gb/s Ethernet and HDR InfiniBand optical transceivers, active optical cables (AOCs) and direct attach copper cables (DAC). While many companies are out talking about 200G and promising 400G, Mellanox has begun shipping products for 200G HDR InfiniBand and 200GbE Ethernet.

CIOE is a huge exposition held in Shenzhen each year with nearly 90,000 people visiting in the 3-day conference and trade show – up more than 20% from last year! Interest in data center systems has skyrocketed!

Low-latency Ethernet and InfiniBand interconnect are the hottest thing in high-speed computing these days, especially for Artificial Intelligence deep learning model development.  Low-loss DAC cables enable reducing or disabling Ethernet FEC entirely saving upwards of 120ns for each direction in critical server links at lengths < 2 meters. InfiniBand standard practice is to run without FEC entirely for minimum latencies throughout the system. Who would think that the lowly DAC cables could have such a large system impact on latency performance at the system level!

At CIOE, we showed displays of our 200G QSFP56-based DAC and AOC cables and SR4 multi-mode transceiver for Ethernet and InfiniBand networks. Also shown was our new low-loss 25/50/100G DAC cables that enable low-latency switching and cable lengths up to 5-meters. These new cables enable support the low-loss IEEE CA-N and CA-L specification.

The 4-channel QSFP56 has more EMI shielding to support 50G PAM4 signaling, a higher thermal dissipation capability of <5Watts compared to 3.5W QSFP28 and is about a 7mm (0.25”) longer.

Key Features

  • Speed selectable
    • 200G cables and transceivers can are speed selectable from 50G PAM4 to 25G and 10G line rates supporting 200G, 100G, and 40G quad channel configurations
  • Split Configurations
    • 200G cables and transceivers can be split into two 100G (2x50G PAM4) ends using DAC and AOC splitter cables or fiber splitters with SR4 transceivers
  • Low-loss cable material enables DACs to:
    • Minimize FEC latencies
    • Maintain the 5-meter (16-feet) lengths for 100G and 3-meters (9.8-feet) for 200G
200G cables and transceivers and low-loss DAC display at CIOE

200G cables and transceivers and low-loss DAC display at CIOE

LinkX™ Sales and Marketing APAC Team at CIOE

LinkX™ Sales and Marketing APAC Team at CIOE

Key Take Aways:

  • 200Gb/s for Ethernet and InfiniBand is here
  • Low-cost, low-loss, 3- and 5-meter DAC cables can save latency and span multiple racks
  • 200G 4x50G PAM4 cables and transceivers are split-able and speed selectable


Come See Mellanox LinkX™ cables and transceivers at ECOC!

See Mellanox at ECOC 2018 with Keysight Technologies showing live demonstrations of our 200G SR4 transceiver and 400G DAC cables September 24-26, Rome, Italy, booth 432.

LinkX™ is the interconnect product line of cables and transceivers and part of the Mellanox “end-to-end” ecosystem including our new Spectrum2™ 200GbE Ethernet and Quantum™ InfiniBand HDR systems and ConnectX™-6 network adapters.


About Mellanox & LinkX:

Mellanox Technologies, Ltd. (NASDAQ: MLNX), a leading supplier of optical transceivers and high-performance, end-to-end smart interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage systems. Mellanox offers a full line of 25/50/100/200Gb/s Ethernet cables and transceivers for hyperscale and datacenter applications and 100Gb/s EDR and 200Gb/s HDR for InfiniBand.


Supporting Resources:

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About Brad Smith

Brad is the Director of Marketing at Mellanox, based in Silicon Valley for the LinkX cables and transceivers business focusing on hyperscale, Web 2.0, enterprise, storage and telco markets. Recently, Brad was Product Line Manager for Intel’s Silicon Photonics group for CWDM4/CLR4 and QSFP28 product lines and ran the 100G CLR4 Alliance. Director of Marketing & BusDev at OpSIS MPW Silicon Photonics foundry. President/COO of LuxSonar Semiconductors ( Cirrus Logic) and co-founder & Director of Product Marketing of NexGen, a X86-compatible CPU company sold to AMD - now the X86 product line. Brad also has ~15 years in technology market research as Vice president of the Computer Systems group at Dataquest/Gartner; VP/Chief Analyst at RHK and Light Counting networking research firms. Brad started his career at Digital Equipment near Boston with the VAX 11/780 and has served as CEO, president/COO and on the board-of-directors of three start-up companies. Brad has a BSEE degree from the University of Massachusetts; MBA from University of Phoenix and holds 2 optical patents

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