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At Mellanox, we understand that it is not just about spotting a good opportunity, success is all about the execution, if you don’t act you’ve missed out.

So when we had the opportunity to host some of the smartest people we know to solve real datacenter networking problems with our BlueField SmartNIC well…you guessed it: we took it.

BlueField brings an amazing array of opportunities to reshape the datacenter and cloud of the future. With the Smart NIC and with the Appliance we can host more services in the SoC and bring more intelligence into the network. BlueField is the place to run and accelerate applications like security, Software Defined Networking, Software Defined Storage, Artificial Intelligence and more. Bringing such solutions to the broad market requires an ecosystem and partnerships to develop new applications and middleware.

On Jan 24-25, 2019, we opened our doors and welcomed our partners to join the BlueField Hackathon in Tel Aviv “Can You Field IT?” We had great participation of talented software engineers from Technion and Ben Gurion universities, Israeli startups like and Gigaspaces, technology units from the Israeli Defense Forces and well established tech companies like Amdocs and DellEMC. We also had guests from research institutes in the Netherlands, making the trip all the way to Israel to grab the opportunity and join our hackathon.

The teams coded day and night, around the clock. Between compilations and debug, the teams enjoyed great atmosphere, delicious food and snacks, midnight massages and took a ride in a virtual sports car “Can You Field The Speed?”. Mellanox mentors from Software Architecture, Senior Software Developers, Support Engineers, Testing, QA and Product Managers supported the participants helping them to succeed throughout all the phases of their development. At the end of the development session, we moved to Demo Time, where the teams presented all the projects to the judging team.  The judges included: Udi Weinstein – Mellanox CIO, Amir Fridman – Western Digital Senior Director Corporate Development and Capital Investments and  Dror Goldenberg – Mellanox VP of Software Architecture.

The winning projects:

  • 1st Place – Technion ACSL – AI system with efficient access to remote GPU through SmartNIC developed by graduate students from the Technion ACSL lab

    BlueField Hackathon winners

    Maroun Tork, Lior Zeno, Meni Orenbach, Pavel Lifshits, Shai Berge

  • 2nd Place – Team WekaIO – Distributed storage access through SmartNIC client developed by Israeli start up Weka.IO

    BlueField Hackathon winners

    Maor Ben Dayan, Alex Goltman, Nir Rotgold

  • 3rd Place – Cat and Mouse – DDoS protection using SmartNIC application developed by researchers from the Netherlands

    BlueField Hackathon winners

    Tristan Suerink, Wietze Albers, Cedric Both

  • 3rd Place – TeamX – Networked accelerated Crypto using BlueField appliance developed by DellEMC team

    Ishay Zekri, Omer Margolin, Matan Navon, Yossi Dvori, Alan Rothstein

Prizes included iPhone-XR, Sony PS4 and noise canceling Bluetooth headphones

We continue to drive the innovation and build the ecosystem and partnership around BlueField and the various Mellanox technologies. The BlueField Hackathon was an amazing opportunity to see creative smart people coming together to create the technology of the future. Looking forward to the next hackathon!

If you don’t want to miss out on a great opportunity for your datacenter, learn more about Mellanox BlueField SmartNIC.

BlueField Hackathon participants


About Dror Goldenberg

Dror Goldenberg has served as Mellanox’s Vice President of Software Architecture since October 2013. Previously, he served as Vice President of Architecture from March 2010 to October 2013, where he was responsible for software, firmware and system architecture. Mr. Goldenberg joined Mellanox in 2000 as an architect, serving in numerous architecture and design positions. Prior to Mellanox, Mr. Goldenberg held various software development positions on an elite R&D team in the Israeli Defense Force. Mr. Goldenberg was a member of the Pentium MMX and Pentium 4 architecture validation teams at Intel. He contributed to the PCI and InfiniBand specifications and holds several patents in the field of high speed networking. Mr. Goldenberg graduated Cum Laude with a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and holds an MBA from the Technion Institute of Technology Israel.

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