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The 2019 Open Infrastructure Summit (formerly called as Openstack Summit) has opened up voting for presentations to be given on April. 29 – May 1, in Denver, USA. Mellanox has a long history of supporting OpenStack with technology, products and solutions. We have submitted a number of technical papers ready for voting! The OpenStack Foundation receives more than 1,500 submissions and of these, they only select 25-35% for participation so every vote counts!

Voting on a topic is super easy and takes less than 5 seconds per topic. Each topic below has a link that will take you to its voting page. In order to vote, an OpenStack account is needed. This can be easily created at the top of the page.

Voting closes on Monday, February 4 at 11:59pm Pacific Time (Tuesday, February 5 at 7:59 UTC).. So please don’t delay and VOTE “WOULD LOVE TO SEE” TODAY! It’s fast and easy.

Highly Efficient Edge Cloud Data Center for 5G

Power, cooling and real estate are the key constraints for Edge Clouds but they should not be met at the expense of performance and efficiency. What if we could build high density micro data centers for the edge cloud without sacrificing performance and efficiency? Sounds too good to be true? Come and learn about data plane acceleration!

Nokia and Mellanox have teamed up to create an integrated edge cloud infrastructure supporting “switch on SmartNIC” offloading for Virtualized and Containerized infrastructure.  This solution boosts the network performance by an order of magnitude. Specifically, SDN using overlay networking such as VXLAN can be completely offloaded.  Not only can we terminate tunneling on the edge cloud servers, but we can also switch traffic between various VNFs/CNFs, apply ACLs and much more.

This review session covers the design, performance, and benefits of a high performance and efficient edge cloud data center.

Vote for Highly Efficient Edge Cloud Data Center for 5G. 

It’s a Cloud.. it’s a SuperComputer.. no, it’s SuperCloud!

CSIRO is Australia’s national science agency and to lead in science, it needs the best, uncompromising IT.

Since the beginning of the Cloud revolution, scientists had to choose between top performance of supercomputers and the agility of cloud. To address this challenge CSIRO, Mellanox and Red Hat created SuperCloud – a bare-metal OpenStack system with SDN InfiniBand.

First presented at the Vancouver Summit, the project evolved, gaining features: HA, ephemeral hypervisors, software defined storage, GPU/ML support and InfiniBand connected containers. SuperCloud is now the platform supporting all of the Scientific Computing needs.

Building upon open standards, SuperCloud brings Infrastructure as Code methodology to bare metal. It supports the vast array of DevOps tools, enabling users to programmatically request HPC resources, from compute, to NVMe, to InfiniBand networks. This allows building HPC clusters, RDMA storage and containerised workloads quickly, with a simple playbook.

Vote for It’s a Cloud…it’s a SuperComputer…no, it’s SuperCloud!

NVMe over Fabrics – Demystified

The new Cinder NVMe SSD interface can be connected across a Network. In fact it can be connected across lots of different fabrics: Ethernet (3 approaches), Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, and PCIe to date. OpenStack Data Centers want to share storage readily among multiple compute nodes and be able to perform clustering, failover, and other system-wide operations at NVMe SSD speeds. NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) is the solution. This talk will describe the technology in its many forms. Describe use cases, for both Enterprise and Cloud, where it is being applied. Then finish with potential future directions it is heading.

Vote for NVMe Over Fabrics – Demystified.

Cyber Security SmartNIC for Modern Cloud Scale Data Centers

Traditionally, data centers have been protected by perimeter-based security technologies, placed at key ingress and egress points, designed to restrict and analyze the traffic coming in and out of the data center (north-south). Lateral (east-west) traffic within the data center was assumed to occur in a well-protected trusted zone and therefore not restricted.

Organizations are still dealing with security breaches originating within their own data centers. Isolated networking is of paramount importance to address this problem. SoC based SmartNIC is a computer in front of a computer that creates a trust zone for software security controls by separating the infrastructure from the host applications and a potential attacker. Accelerating network along with trust-based security functions addresses cloud-scale data center security risks without sacrificing performance.

Vote for Cyber Security SmartNIC for Modern Cloud Scale Data Centers.


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Ash is Senior Director of Cloud Marketing at Mellanox. He leads market strategy, product/solutions marketing and ecosystem engagements for cloud service provider and telco cloud markets. Ash is an accomplished hi-tech industry leader focused on the intersection of technology, products/solutions and markets. He has deep experience in building and marketing high impact, fast revenue growth products/solutions at large, mid-size and startups including companies such as Cisco, Mellanox, Polycom, Luxoft and Hapoose. His professional experience spans across diverse technology domains including Cloud Services, Software Defined Networking, Server and Network Virtualization, Routing, Switching, Wi-Fi, Unified Communication and Collaboration, Network Management, Mobile Apps and End User Devices. Ash graduated summa cum laude with a B.E. is Electrical Engineering from University of Pune (India), M.S. in Computer Engineering from University of Cincinnati and M.B.A. from Santa Clara University. Connect with Ash on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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