Exadata Continues its Successful Journey over InfiniBand


On September 2008 at Oracle Open World, Larry Ellison announced Oracle’s first Database appliance that enables 10X to 100X speedup for data warehousing (at that time HP servers have been used). In his presentation Larry mentioned that Exadata runs over InfiniBand and emphasized the competitive advantages it enables, by saying “everybody runs over 10Gb/s Ethernet, we are running over InfiniBand, 40Gb/s InfiniBand”.

About a year later, on Q4’09 2009 at Oracle earning call, Larry said “Exadata terns to be to most exciting and successful new product introduction in Oracle’s 30 years history… It can run about 100 times faster in some cases than standard Oracle environment”.

Exadata X8 Hardware (changes in red)

Exadata X8 hardware

Since that day and for the last 10 years, Oracle continues to add new features and capabilities and recently mentioned that “in fiscal year 2018, Exadata set all-time product sales records with continued adoption across multiple workloads such as OLTP, Analytics, and IoT, and multiple verticals, including finance, retail, electronics, and telecommunications” (source: Oracle Press Release).

On June 12th, 2019, Oracle introduced the new Exadata Database Machines the X8-2 & the X8-8 and described them as “The Foundation for Mission Critical On-Premises, Cloud, and Autonomous Databases”. Those two new appliances continue to run over InfiniBand, which enable data communication over RDMA, accelerating access to persistent memory by 20X.

Mellanox announced HDR 200G InifniBand technology at SC18.

Mellanox announced HDR 200G InifniBand technology at SC18.

Up to now, all Exadata appliances have been running only over InfiniBand QDR (40Gb/s) technology, so it will be interesting to see the performance boost that Exadata will gain if it will run over Mellanox’s newest HDR (200Gb/s) technology that has been deployed already in the market and maybe even add the Nvidia GPUs to the cluster.


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