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Hybrid Cloud Security on Your Terms

This article was created and published in partnership with Sharon Besser, VP, Business Development at Guardicore. The face of the enterprise data center has evolved in recent years. Business-critical applications, data confidentiality and the advent of digital products and services are among the driving forces behind today’s emerging data-center architectures. The disruptive and innovative datacenter […]

Accelerating Bare Metal Kubernetes Workloads, the Right Way

Mellanox ConnectX and BlueField SmartNICs Deliver Cloud-Native, Hardware-Accelerated Networking for Bare-Metal Kubernetes

In my previous Kubernetes blog I discussed the benefits of using BlueField DPU programmable SmartNICs to simplify provisioning of Kubernetes clusters in bare-metal infrastructures. A key takeaway from this blog was the current rapid shift toward bare metal Kubernetes, for delivering high-performance workloads across public, on-prem and edge environments. The topic is still very much […]

Mellanox Accelerates Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Networking for the Hybrid Cloud Era

Mellanox and Red Hat announce the next generation enterprise Linux OS for the hyrbid-cloud era.

A few weeks ago, Mellanox was excited to witness the standing ovation at Red Hat Summit as the Red Hat team released their next-generation enterprise Linux OS for general availability. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 brings numerous groundbreaking enhancements and innovations. Primarily, it is the operating system redesigned for the hybrid cloud era – […]

Provision Bare-Metal Kubernetes Like a Cloud Giant!

Mellanox BlueField SmartNIC can virtualize bare metal Kubernetes to achieve higher ROI.

Starting out my career as an IT engineer in the early 2000’s exposed me to early discussions about hypervisors and virtual machines, including how they can save you time on server provisioning. I was intrigued by the way server virtualization had disrupted enterprise IT over the years, delivering infrastructure efficiency and automation. By the time […]

Unlocking the Promise of 5G

How 100Gb Ethernet and DPDK drivers Are Enabling 5G Services

Wireless carriers have been hyping the next generation cellular technology, 5G, for years but the reality of it is certain to start rolling out this year. Wireless networks are always evolving, but this is more than a cellular upgrade as 5G will not only increase speeds but offer enhancements in latency, vastly improving responsiveness which […]

On Segment(ed) Routing

Traffic Engineering On Segment(ed) Routing Using MPLS and IPv6 Segment Routing is one of the hottest technologies being considered to transform the way packets are handled in critical networking infrastructures. Whether it is in the core of the internet, within data centers, or between data centers, Segment Routing is seen as a simpler way to […]

How to make advanced networks for Hybrid/Multi Cloud?

As cloud use cases and the public cloud matures, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud adoption is growing significantly. Hybrid cloud is the preferred enterprise strategy, according to RightScale’s 2017 State of the Cloud Report. The trend clearly shows that more and more vendors are looking to deploy less critical workloads in the cloud and run critical database […]

Mellanox 2016: The Year In Review

‘Fantastical’ Networking Achievements and Where To Find Them Part I Oh, what a year it was for Mellanox. One might even say magical. From HPC accelerating the world’s fastest computer, to breaking down technology barriers of hyperconverged systems and in Artificial Intelligence, Mellanox was at the forefront of many of the world’s most profound technical […]

How to Get 100G Performance Out of Your 100GbE SDN

The high bandwidth requirements of modern data centers are driven by the demands of business applications, data explosion, and the much faster storage devices available today. For example, to utilize a 100GbE link, you needed 250 hard drives in the past, while today, you need only three NVMe SSDs. After investing in the most advanced […]

Three Ways ASAP2 Beats DPDK for Cloud and NFV

Telecommunication service providers are betting big on technologies such as cloud and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) to revamp their infrastructure. They are putting their cards on the table so that they can be more agile in new service creation, more elastic in on-demand service scaling, and achieve better economics in terms of infrastructure build-out. No […]