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Test drive your five-star deep learning infrastructure today!

Introducing Test, a five star deep learning infrastructure program from Trace3, NetApp, Mellanox, Nvidia and Fletential.

When we search for a hotel in an unfamiliar place, we tend to decide based on the rating. A five-star rating would assure us of a certain level of security, comfort, and quality. In the same way, as businesses adopt new technologies such as deep learning infrastructure, a five-star infrastructure would assure a certain level […]

Deep Learning Infrastructure built right

In any good system design, it is important to maximize the performance of the most critical (and often the most expensive) component. In the case of Deep Learning infrastructures, the performance of the specialized compute elements such as GPUs must be maximized. GPUs have improved compute performance 300-fold! Even so, deep learning training workloads are […]

An Efficient Scale-Out Deep Learning Cloud – Your Way

The Duchess of Windsor famously said that you could not be too rich or too thin.  And whether or not that is correct, a similar observation is definitely true when trying to match deep learning applications and compute resources: you cannot have enough horsepower. Intractable problems in fields as diverse as finance, security, medical research, […]