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Coming Clean: Machine Learning Drives Clean Energy Solutions

We hear of breakthroughs nearly every day driven by a wide variety of various applications that leverage deep learning techniques; from image and voice recognition to fraud detection and diagnostic medicine. Perhaps the most well-known examples where machine learning is pervasive is teaching drones to navigate and perform tasks, and of course modern autonomous cars […]

Stanford Researcher is the Medical World’s Braveheart

A normal human heart has four chambers: two upper chambers called atria, which receive blood into the heart, and two lower chambers called ventricles, which pump blood out of the heart. A single ventricle defect, also called single defect anomaly or single ventricle physiology, refers to a variety of cardiac defects where only one of […]

Rett Syndrome Awareness: HPC and Cloud Technologies Giving Hope to the Silent Angels and those with Rare Diseases

In October, we paid tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness and with it, the brave souls that battle breast cancer, a disease that receives a huge amount of media attention. It is small wonder because in 2017, it’s estimated that about 30 percent of newly diagnosed cancers in women will be breast cancers. There is even talk of a […]

Going With the Flow: How Fluid Mechanics Advance Biomedical Research

Fluid Mechanics represents one of the most exacting and computationally challenging areas of biomedical research and medical diagnostics today. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics are at the forefront of research efforts to understand how fluids behave and flow at small scales. This is critical to medical advancements in that significant fluid dynamics occur throughout the human body […]

Climate Change and Global Health: What NCI is Doing to Help

Climate change is poised to become what the prestigious British medical publication The Lancet has called “the biggest global health threat of the 21st century.” The health risks associated with climate change are numerous and alarming. Just to name a few: increases in heat-related illnesses and death; extreme weather-related injuries and mortality; aggravated chronic illnesses; spread of infectious diseases; […]

How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Personalized Medicine

This is actually happening now with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  The University of Tokyo recently reported that Watson, IBM’s cognitive supercomputer, correctly diagnosed a rare form of leukemia in a 60-year-old woman. Doctors originally thought the woman had acute myeloid leukemia, but after examining 20 million cancer research papers in 10 minutes, Watson was able to […]

Untangling the Mysteries Behind the Human Genome: The Key to Customized Patient Care

The field of human genomics research is becoming increasingly active. With the speed of next generation genomic sequencing that is now possible, it is now feasible to create new genomics-based personalized medical services, offering patients more advanced diagnosis. These data can also be used to create a large database of genomics data which can then […]

Quest for the Cure, Medical Advancements with Mellanox

In the time that it takes me to write this blog, a scant hour, another 30 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Each year, it is estimated that more than 246,660 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer and that more than 40,000 will die. The odds are sobering, approximately […]

Fueling Science and Research through Machine Perception

The concept of computers being aware of their surroundings and acting upon their perceptions began as fictitious stories around advanced intelligence and consciousness. This, perhaps, was the inspiration that propelled scientists to begin seriously discussing the possibility of designing intelligence into an electronic device. Computers that we are all familiar with have been programmed with […]

The Heat is On

It’s on everyone’s bucket list; to experience the Great Barrier Reef. In fact, Traveler Magazine puts in on the Ultimate Travel Bucket List. However, before you book that dream vacation to this World Heritage site, know that the reef is fragile and scientific research says it is getting more fragile with each passing day. So […]