Keeping it Fast and Cool with Liquid Cooling

Mellanox announced liquid cooled adapters for Lenovo systems

We live in a time where everything is expected to be done quickly; we praise the fastest race cars, the fastest airplanes, the fastest swimmer, fastest sprinter… the list goes on and on. There are countless movies, TV shows and advertisements that try to tap into the human obsession with speed. This same obsession is […]

World-Record Setting Performance Achieved Through Simplicity

NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD features Mellanox EDR 100Gb/s on the 2019 Top 500 Supercomputers

While Mellanox continues its leadership as the standard interconnect provider for the most powerful research and commercial based supercomputers around the world, imagine deploying a world-record setting supercomputer using standard components in just a few weeks. In the June 2019 TOP500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, NVIDIA’s latest supercomputer is based on the […]

Deep Learning Infrastructure built right

In any good system design, it is important to maximize the performance of the most critical (and often the most expensive) component. In the case of Deep Learning infrastructures, the performance of the specialized compute elements such as GPUs must be maximized. GPUs have improved compute performance 300-fold! Even so, deep learning training workloads are […]

Network Telemetry Will Never Be the Same

1990-2019 You get “The call”, a service is down, you know the drill: “is it a networking problem or am I being blamed due to some server/storage failure? And the race begins, you know the network is probably fine but till you prove it, you will be the one responsible for your company losing money, […]

Mellanox Introduces 200G InfiniBand H-Cable Active Optical Cables Cross-Connect Splitter

Mellanox Active Optical Cable (AOC) for 200G HDR, also known as “H-Cables”

The Mellanox LinkX Interconnects group introduced a new type of Active Optical Cable (AOC) for 200G HDR (High Data Rate) InfiniBand systems called the “H-Cable”. Named because of its shape that enables cross connecting up to four InfiniBand switches (or ports) together using – a single cable! These unique active optical cables enable saving considerable […]

Mellanox Supports the Open Eye MSA With Long History of Designing Analog Optical Transceiver Electronics

June 2, 2019  Brad Smith, Director of Marketing, LinkX Cables and Transceivers Summary Early first-generation 50G PAM4 lasers and ICs had some “issues” causing engineers to resort to using powerful DSPs to clean up the signals in the receiver. Next generation 50G PAM4 lasers and ICs have improved significantly raising the question, “Do we still […]

Provision Bare-Metal Kubernetes Like a Cloud Giant!

Mellanox BlueField SmartNIC can virtualize bare metal Kubernetes to achieve higher ROI.

Starting out my career as an IT engineer in the early 2000’s exposed me to early discussions about hypervisors and virtual machines, including how they can save you time on server provisioning. I was intrigued by the way server virtualization had disrupted enterprise IT over the years, delivering infrastructure efficiency and automation. By the time […]

OpenBMC Automates Cloud Operations

By Elad Wind and Yuval Itkin There’s a saying in the IT industry that when you go Cloud, everything must scale to maximum levels. Server design, power consumption, network architecture, compute density, component costs, heat dissipation and all their related aspects must be designed for efficiency when one administrator might oversee thousands of servers in […]

Out-of-Band Malware Detection with Mellanox BlueField

Mellanox BlueField provides the best out-of-band malware detection for today’s data center

In an era where cyber threats are around every corner and with increasing attacks on data centers, security has become an essential element to include in every machine guarding users’ data. However, many security offerings are defenseless in the presence of malware. Furthermore software based security consumes compute and memory resources that should be allocated […]

Kubernetes for Network Engineers

As a network engineer, why should you care about what the developers are doing with Kubernetes? Isn’t it just another application consuming network resources? Kubernetes is quickly becoming the new standard for deploying and managing containers in the Hybrid-Cloud. Using the same orchestration on-premise and on the public cloud allows a high level of agility […]